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TNIAAM College Football Poll #2

1. Ohio State (7-0) (1)
2. Michigan (7-0)

A solid win in Happy Valley. Doesn't make any sense to me how a sane person could consider them #3 at this point, especially to...

3. USC (6-0)

While I will continue to give them credit for winning the games, you can't honestly believe that this team is going to run the table with Oregon/Cal/Notre Dame/UCLA coming up for them. Too much of a revenge factor for this team to overcome.

4. West Virginia (6-0)

Well...Syracuse...thanks for visiting. And Perry, the Mountaineer faithful appreciate your salute.

5. Louisville (6-0)

That Cincy game isn't going to silence any critics but everyone has to deal with a trap game now and again.

6. Texas (6-1)

Don't look now but Texas is in prime position to sneak back into the National Championship.

7. Tennessee (5-1)

Could win the SEC and go to the Sugar Bowl. Could come in 5th and go to the Sun Bowl. It's that kind of year.

8. Notre Dame (5-1)
9. Auburn (6-1)

Best team in SEC and probably won't even play in the Championship game.

10. Florida (6-1)

I really wish someone had devoted just a little airtime to Florida's two-QB system. It went grossly under-reported!

10. California (7-1)

USC's biggest threat.

11. Georgia Tech (5-1)
12. Clemson (6-1)

Beatdown on big bad Temple

13. Boise State (6-0)
14. Nebraska (6-1)

Huskers benefit from to three big losses in front of them (Georgia, Virginia Tech and Iowa).

15. Rutgers (6-0)

Team of destiny? How much does it suck for Rutgers to pick this year to be so good when they have not one but TWO superior teams ahead of them in the conference? They could go 10-2 and still play in the Meineke Car Care Bowl.

16. LSU (5-2)
17. Oregon (5-1)

A suspect 5-1 at that.

18. Arkansas (5-1)
19. Boston College (5-1)
20. Wisconsin (6-1)
21. Wake Forest (6-1)

22. Oklahoma (4-2)
23. Texas A&M (6-1)
24. Missouri (6-1)
25. Pittsburgh (6-1)

Others Receiving Votes:

Washington, Tulsa, Brigham Young, South Carolina, Florida State, Virginia Tech