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Thursday Night Matchups

#17 Virginia Tech (4-1) at #25 Boston College (4-1)

Line: VaTech -2.5

What's A Hokie?: This isn't Michael Vick's Virginia Tech. Hell, its not even Marcus Vick's Virginia Tech. They feel like a courtesy rank to me so far. All four wins are over cupcakes and in years past Frank Beamer would have scored 50 points in each game just for the hell of it. They lost to a solid Georgia Tech team two weeks ago and have had plenty of time to think about how they'll take out thier anger on the Eagles.

Flutie Flakes: These guys are all over the board. They hold off Clemson but can't get it done against NC State. BYU takes them to overtime at home and they didn't exactly impress against a directional Michigan school in the opener (Central). I don't think its possible to predict what they're going to do each week...they are right on the fringe of good/mediocre.

Result: The ACC has no dominant teams and a slew of teams straddling the line, except for maybe Georgia Tech. They're just gonna beat up on each other all season. I think BC shows up for this one, especially at home. BC 35, Virg Tech 30

Temple (0-6) at #13 Clemson (5-1)

Line: Clemson -45

They Still Make You?: Oh Temple. Even Rutgers got thier shit together. Seriously, if you're not gonna make the effort, just stop. I mean, as a fan of a Big East school, it was a pleasure scheduling you for Homecoming every year, it was like having an extra bye week.

The "Other" Orange team: I see Clemson like I saw Texas in the 90's. A trendy yearly pick that no one who really follows the game takes seriously. C'mon now, in a conference with Miami, Florida State, Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech, you can't go losin' to Boston College and almost lose to Wake Forest and expect to be taken seriously. The schedule ahead is absolutely brutal for the Tigers so they better savor this one.

Result: The only reason to even bother with this game is if you're gambling on that line. Clemson 51, Temple 7

Colorado State
(4-1) at Air Force (2-2)

Air Force -6

Best Little Football Team in Colorado: I don't think they're shedding too many tears in Ft. Collins over the demise of the Buffalo, but the Rams didn't exactly destroy the 0-fer Buffs. A big win over Fresno State proved they can play with anyone else in the Mountain West.

Fisher DeBerry Loves Black People: Air Force is a deceptive 2-2. They took Tenneessee to the brink and lost to what is fastly-becoming a respectable Navy team. I wouldn't dismise them just yet, especially at home.

Result: Let the battle for participation in the Humanitarian Bowl continue! Air Force 24, Colorado State 21

*-rankings are those of TNIAAM