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Things Were a lot Different in Ron Dayne's Day

While the assorted crimes usually vary, there's usually one constant in sports-related mayhem in college involves the atheletes. Be it Northern Colorado punters trying to stab each other or Nebraska football players and thier unsavory attitudes towards women, the details often vary but the basics stay the same.

Well, not in Wisconsin.

ESPN reports that the University of Wisconsin has put his marching band on probation (clearly not the double-secret kind) "because members routinely engaged in hazing and rowdiness involving alcohol and sexual acts, school officials said." Appears it was a hazing incident that got out of control, which is excusable enough, but apparently this isn't the first they've heard of the band's wily exploits.

"The school said the band's behavior was so notorious that the athletic department sets aside money so that cheerleaders and the dance squad can travel in separate buses to avoid harassment."

These kinds of things wouldn't happen if Barry Alvarez was still alive.