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They Still Play Basketball, Don't They?

As a stark reminder that the universe will not implode on itself if football is not played at all times, the Big East Conference got together today to discuss basketball, and only that of a Big East nature.

Included in the press day was the coaches picks for the best teams and players. Assumedly, Villanova's Jay Wright didn't let 50 Cent make his picks for him. I've always found these things fascinating...they're basically just best guesses. Do you get a trophy or a plaque for your hypothetical skill? Do they keep records of most Preseason Awards somewhere? Is the
re a guy out there who touts his Preseason Awards to people he meets while serving them breakfast?

Preseason All-Big East Team
Terrence Roberts, Syracuse
Jeff Adrien, UConn
Wilson Chandler, DePaul
Sammy Mejia, DePaul
Jeff Green, Georgetown
Roy Hibbert, Georgetown
Juan Palacios, Louisville
Dominic James, Marquette
Lamont Hamilton, St. Johns
Curtis Sumpter, Villanova
Aaron Gray, Pittsburgh

Honorable Mention

Louisville's David Padgett
Notre Dame's Colin Falls

Syracuse's Eric Devendorf

Preseason Rookie of The Year
Syracuse's Paul Harris

Preseason Player of the Year

Pittsburgh center Aaron Gray

And as for the Coaches Preseason Big East Poll...

1. Pitt (10)

2. Georgetown (4)

3. Syracuse (1)

4. Marquette (1)

5. UConn

6. Louisville

7. Villanova

8. DePaul

9. St. John's

10. Providence

11. Notre Dame

12. West Virginia

13. Cincinnati

14. Rutgers

15. Seton Hall

16. South Florida

Preseason #5 in the Big East...No National Championship talk...There will be hell to pay in Storrs tonight!

It was also mentioned that the Big East Tournament will remain at 12 teams, which, is a shame. Would it really screw things up that bad to have one more day of exciting do-or-die basketball?

Check out the Big East Media Guide for more info.