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The Inaugural TNIAAM College Football Poll

I don't think I need to get into a rant to tell you that college football polls are flawed. Hell, I'm sure you even recognize the entire system is flawed. What other major sporting system is ultimately determined not by one-on-one competition but by the opinions of people not even doing the competing, except for figure skating?

Anyway, one major flaw that sticks in my craw is the polling from Day One. It biases voters to pick the bigger schools and severly limits a team that comes out of nowhere or starts ranked lower and thier ability to compete. It's much more appropriate to let the season play out for a few weeks and then make your first vote. No frontrunning, no lazy picks, no "where did they finish last year?" cheating.

My dream is for next season to grab the webmasters from all the major sports blogs like
Deadspin and its ilk and form our own poll. Until we go:

1. Ohio State (6-0) (1)

They've done the most to prove it so far this year. It's thiers until they lose , unless...

2. Florida (6-0)

Allow for one more passenger on the bandwagon. They get the nod at #2 due to thier schedule to date and if they were to survive the SEC unscathed, that might just put them over Ohio State EVEN if they beat Michigan.

3. Michigan (6-0)

#3 instead of #2 because let's face it, other than Notre Dame they really haven't played anyone else.

4. USC (5-0)

I got a chance to see USC up close this past weekend and I learned three things. #1, there's a finite amount of T-shirt aliterations that include the name Booty. #2, Washington is pretty good. #3, USC is good but they're no way they are surviving that Oregon-Cal-Notre Dame trifecta in November.

5. West Virginia (5-0)

Seems like no one's ready to start seriously discussing the Mountaineers until after the Lousiville game.

6. Louisville (5-0)

Seems like no one's ready to start seriously discussing the Cardinals until after the West Virginia game.

7. Texas (5-1)

Two years ago, the Red River Shootout was the most hyped game of the year. Now its not even the most hyped game of the week.

8. Notre Dame (5-1)

That Georgia Tech win is gonna look more and more impressive as the year goes on. Still...the Michigan loss sucked a hard one.