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I'm Pretty Sure He Didn't Signal

My old roommate was a Cal grad and avid fan of anything Bears to say the least. Football, basketball, swimming, equestrian, it didn't matter. If Cal was participating, he was rooting. I came home to him sitting at his computer listening to the webcast of the Cal woman's softball game more than once.

ANY-way, as such a supporter, he was a subscriber to the Cal sports magazine. I don't remember the name but something tells me if I were to guess The Bear Den or The Growler, I wouldn't be far off. I remember reading one article from the mag before this football season that concerned running back Marshawn Lynch. Apparently Lynch was a quiet superstar in the making. The tone of the article was very similiar to
this one.

Marshawn Lynch doesn't want attention, so it is said. Would like to have a jersey with no surname, or maybe not even a number. Wants to come to the stadium, run a lot, and go home...He simply is going to have to suck it up and be the guy at whom people point and gasp, "It's him. That's the guy."

Here's some footage from after this weekend's Cal-Washington game:

Say it with me...
"It's him. That's the guy."

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