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If You Stomp On A Logo In Division 1-AA, Does It Make Anyone Care?

In this media-obsessed world we live in, where sports radio talkshow hosts were handed a week's worth of discussion courtesy of the Miami-FIU brawl, making "fighting in sports" a topic du jour, it seems strange that another college football brawl...from the exact same day...would go completely undiscussed.

Seriously, I had no idea until Sports Guy brought it up in his recent mailbag, but Dartmouth and Holy Cross got into a fracas over the weekend after the Holy Cross players danced on the Dartmouth "D". Dartmouth players had the sporting good sense to wait until the team handshake until beginning to pummel Holy Cross players for thier transgressions.

But how far behind is Division 1-AA in on-field-fight-preparedness? They didn't even have a working camera on the scene.

The game wasn't televised, and the fight was so unexpected and short that the cameraman filming the game for Dartmouth caught only the end.

You may have the more exciting and far superior system for determining your National Champion but you, Division 1-AA, have a lot to learn about melee awareness.