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Notre Dame to Join ACC


Multiple sources are reporting that Notre Dame is bringing all sports to the ACC as full time members, with the exception of football, which will play five ACC teams annually. No matter how you feel about Notre Dame, their influence in the college football world is undeniable, and this is a big get for the ACC, who should be in great position to bring Notre Dame in as a complete member should they decide to end their football independence. This is also a huge final blow to the Big East going forward. UPDATE: Apparently this ups the conference exit fee to $50 million. Hi Florida State, our name is Syracuse. I hope you don't mind us putting this poster up on our side of the room. Want a t-shirt?

Big East Name Change


They need a whole commission to try and find a new name.

Syracuse is moving to the ACC in 2013


The BIG EAST Conference and Syracuse University today announced that both organizations have reached an agreement on Syracuse's departure from the BIG EAST and move to the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

Syracuse and Pitt could begin ACC play sooner than advertised.


Maryland AD Kevin Anderson says the Orange and Panthers could begin ACC play before the contractually mandated year of 2014. He said the Big East has asked both Pittsburgh and Syracuse to stop coming to conference meetings and that the conference has signaled to their partners that "the transition could be sooner." The Business Journal 2011.10.19

And this is why no one is talking about the imminent demise of the Big 12


Big 12 will be holding their Spring meetings this week and ::gasp:: are putting the Big 10 expansion discussion at the top of the agenda! Even going as far as asking league members where they stand on the expansion and even investigating ways to entice members to stay. This is all unnecessary crazy talk!

Breaking News: McNabb Did Not Puke During Super Bowl


A surprisingly detailed debunking of McNabb's supposed puking during the final minutes of the 2005 Super Bowl. Looks like Philly journalists are repenting for past transgressions before they say goodbye to McNabb. That's fine. Just leave our Syracuse-era puking legends alone. (H/T: Post-Standard)

Grab A Seat At The Big East Roundtable Tonight At 9 EST


Won't you join myself, Chas from Pitt Blather, Mike from Card Chronicle, Andrew from UConnBlog and Chris from the Villanova blog I Bleed Blue and White as we discuss the Big East's domination of the Tournament so far and where the conference goes from here. Click the link in the title or swing by CoverItLive at 9pm EST to join in the fun.

Three Big East Teams Receive No. 1 Seeds


Syracuse has a potential rematch with Clemson. The Orange are just one of seven Big East Teams in the NCAA Tournament.

Get Your Chit-Chat On


Reminder to join myself, Orange44's Brian, Mountainlair's John and Pittblather's Chas at the Inaugural Big East Blogger Roundtable tonight at 9m EST over at Orange44. If you're looking for an SU-Cornell chat, the Three Idiots have been pretty good about that so keep an eye on them as well.

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