George McDonald: A Recruiter's Recruiter


If the Syracuse football program has indeed hired George McDonald as its new offensive coordinator, the Orange are getting an outstanding recruiter that has ties all over the nation.

Less than a month ago, the rumored-to-be new Syracuse offensive coordinator George McDonald was introduced as the University of Arkansas' wide receivers coach after coaching the same position for two seasons at the University of Miami.

McDonald, who's considered one of the best recruiters in the nation, was introduced to the Arkansas media, Dec. 20, via teleconference, which kindly posted on its website.

I gave it a listen and picked out the best parts, which mainly focus on the 36-year-old coach's ability to recruit, especially in the state of Florida.

"I have been diversified in my recruiting areas being at different universities," McDonald said. "My most natural recruiting area is down here in South Florida. From every stop I've been at I've had South Florida, which is Broward County, Miami-Dade County - I am in Orlando this year."

However, McDonald admitted because he's been all over the nation, including a stop at Western Michigan, where in 2005-06 he coached with Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer, he has recruiting ties all over.

"I am recruiting Virginia, North Carolina, so I am kinda diverse in the South," McDonald said. "I've done a lot of recruiting in the South.

"I've done some junior college recruiting in California, I've done Midwestern recruiting when I was at Northern Illinois. I've been fortunate to be in a lot of different places because (now) I can go out and recruit a lot of different states.

"Recruiting is all about finding the best player to go to your university and sometimes you need to go to a lot of different states to get a kid. I've been fortunate to be with coaches who let me go out and get a kid not matter what state they're in."

McDonald said he credits his recruiting success to a basic strategy.

"I work hard to build trust," McDonald said. "Trust is a big thing anytime you're dealing with people, especially in recruiting. I want to develop a relationship and want them to know that I am providing them with information that will help their career. I am not trying to sell them anything or sell them dreams, I am trying to present the information, develop a great relationship with them and show them how - whatever university I am representing - it is a great opportunity for them to better their lives and better themselves as a student athlete."

It seems McDonald was good enough at his job Arkansas was willing to pay him $275,000, according to The previous Razorback receiving coach made only $214,800.

One has to think that SU needed to opening up the pocketbooks a bit to snag McDonald from Arkansas, which was ranked by as one of the top-10 most profitable programs.

Whatever SU and Shafer was able to do to lure McDonald it seems like he's a solid hire.

McDonald coached in the ACC for the past two seasons, he served one season as Miami's passing game coordinator as well as receivers coach, and has recruited all the ACC hotbeds.

New York's College Team? Screw that. We're talking our talents to South Beach!

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