"Marcus Liberty of archrival Martin Luther King in Chicago had been offered only $75,000 and a new car when he decided to choose Illinois at the last minute over Syracuse."


"If you were to ask me right now whether I'd take Ennis over Kyrie Irving, I think it's Ennis," one GM said. "He does all the things that help a basketball team win basketball games. You can pick him apart on individual flaws, but I would take this kid right now and trust him to run my team. I think there's very few freshmen you could ever say that about."

RealGM Wiretap via Chad Ford and ESPN Insider

I smiled, and then I cried

Syracuse has won 47 straight non-conference home games, now 5-1 all-time vs Indiana

Syracuse will soon be Buffalo's baby brother? BAHAHA

BuffaloLion wrote: I'll use "New York" instead of "Buffalo" because that would be the new Name. What The University of New York plans to do is market heavily to SUNY schools with no football programs. I know for a fact that some of the smaller SUNY schools like Fredonia, Geneseo, and Oswego are losing out on high end male students because none of those schools have football teams. The University of New York hopes that schools like that would adopt The University of New York as THEIR football team, and run busses weekly to the games. It would give those schools a football team to market, without having to actually pay for it. Because they too are "The University of New York". A SUNY student at Plattsburg or Potsdam right now has no football team to root for. Even though those students would be unable to attend most games, The University of New York would market them heavily to the point where those students would turn on their SUNY sister school Saturday afternoon to watch them play against Nebraska or Michigan. Students and residents of Plattsburg or Potsdam that would not watch a UB game in a million years will now want the BTN so that they can follow their OWN school. The University of New York. Also, The University of New York has an extremely high number of alumni from the NYC Metro area. Approximately 30% of their 30,000 student body comes from the NYC Metro. The name "the University of New York" not only gives those alumni and students more identification with the school and state, but also helps Rutgers and Penn State to bookend their popularity into areas of New York that they wouldn't normally penetrate. You WAAAAAAAYY overestimate the popularity of Syracuse in Western New York. As you say, St. Bona, Canisius, Niagara, UB, Notre Dame, and the Big Ten (because of the rise of the BTN) makes Syracuse next to invisible during basketball season. And as far as football goes, it cracked me up that there were a LOT of Bills fans that didn't even know that Doug Marrone coached at Syracuse when he was hired. No one here cares one whit about Syracuse football. As far as College, it's mostly, Penn State, Notre Dame, UB, Ohio State, Michigan, West Virginia, Pitt, and THEN..... MAYBE Syracuse. A rebranded University of New York would make Syracuse not only little brother, but baby brother statewide in ten or 15 years. You would be cultivating a statewide student body of 450,000 current SUNY students every year to a Syracuse student body of 19,000. But the big kicker is the Bills. The chance of them being in Buffalo (or Toronto) 10 years from now is about 25%. Twenty years from now, about 10%. That leaves an ENORMOUS gap in big time football in a football crazed town. Buffalo (the city) would have no choice but to market The University of New York HEAVILY. The University of New York would have a top notch stadium to play in, and city that is used to paying the price for Pro football tickets. Logistically, The University of New York is set up perfectly to handle the hoards of people that would be coming in from out of town on a Big Ten gameday. The Big Ten isn't looking one year out. They are looking 10 and 20 years out. And they are looking for research giants that can deliver television sets. If the city and state play their cards right, The University of New York (not UB, The University of Buffalo, or Buffalo) may find it easier to get a bid to the Big Ten than you think.

Chandler Jones' one of the top jerseys swapped for Aaron Hernandez's

A majority of fans who turned out to exchange Hernandez jerseys left with a Wilfork jersey, followed by Tom Brady, Chandler Jones and Stevan Ridley, according to James.

It's Official! Jason And Tony to USC

Take a lil bit of the Cuse to Cali with ya fellas! It occurs to me that we have quite the connection building up with the Trojans. University of Syracuse California? Nah, too soon.

will be going to san jose - anybody else?

are the game times out yet? carrier dome box office probably the best place to start for tickets?

From Andy Katz's blog post this morning

Having a primarily basketball-driven conference isn't a new concept. It's called the Atlantic 10.

Coach McDonald needs a ticket to tomorrow's game

#CuseFamily for 1 ticket to the #SUMBB game tomorrow I will ask coach Shafer to let you design the1st play of the 1st home game in 2013 #Lol— George McDonald (@CoachGMcDonald) February 23, 2013

From the "Disloyal Idiot's" blog post today

2. If the ACC wants to take full advantage of adding Syracuse in 2013-14 then it should guarantee at least Duke or North Carolina once a season at the Carrier Dome. Syracuse has already announced a 35,012 crowd for Saturday's game against Georgetown. That will be the 17th time the Orange have had 30,000-plus for a Georgetown game, the most of any other opponent. Syracuse is losing Georgetown as a conference opponent after this season. Three of the top eight 30,000-plus crowds at the Carrier Dome are eventually going with Syracuse to the ACC in Pitt (7), Notre Dame (6) and Louisville (4). The 35,012 fans coming for Saturday's game against Georgetown is yet another reminder of the Big East breaking up and what the Northeast college basketball fan will be missing.
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