Miami Musings

I for one am happy to see Miami (FL) back on the schedule. The Hurricanes always felt like a team that should be horrible, but never really fit the bill. "Sleeping Giant" was also a term that I remember being tossed around a lot but I never really bought into. I was sad to see them leave, mostly for football reasons, as they were an easy team to hate.

Here are some random stats (to the best of my research) and musings:

13-5 Syracuse's record against Miami (FL) under Jim Boeheim.

6-2 in the Dome, 7-3 @ Miami (FL)

11-4 vs. Leonard Hamilton coached teams

2-1 vs. Perry Clark coached teams

4-0 3-1 (oops) vs. Miami (FL) teams that went on to make the NCAA Tourney

DNP in the Big East Tournament (SU played 9 different schools in the BET during Miami's tenure, but never the 'Canes)

DNP when both teams were ranked (they did play twice when neither team was ranked, with SU winning both)

Big East School Miami (FL) Reminds me of: South Florida I actually still think of Miami as a Big East school playing in the ACC more so than an "real" ACC school. So, in some ways this comparison isn't apt. But they've also been in the ACC for nearly a decade and we literally tried to replace them with an off-brand doppelganger who we shepherded into mainstream legitimacy in South Florida. Given the platform, the Bulls were able to win NCAA Tournament games and reach as high as #2 in the football rankings. I know South Florida wasn't a literal replacement, and they always felt like a cheap bait and switch. Similar to when an 80's sitcom or movie would replace an actor and pretend nothing had happened. I knew that wasn't the Fresh Prince's real aunt, and that certainly wasn't Willie Mays Hayes. And much like Miami, the Bulls always felt like a team that should be terrible at basketball but usually weren't.

Player I think of when I think of Miami (FL): Constantin Popa ('91-95)



Don't ask me why, but this goofy bastard is forever going to be the face of Miami (FL) Basketball in my own mind. He came in with the inaugural Big East Miami (FL) team and ended up being taken #53 overall by the Clippers in the '95 NBA Draft. He went a meager 1-7 vs. SU during his four years at Miami, but was the first Hurricane to ever be named to an All-Big East team, making the third team in '93 & '95.

Popa, goofy bastard that he was, never played in the NBA. But Tito Horford, Tim James ('99 BE POY), John Salmons, and James Jones were the four Hurricanes who played against SU to go on to appear in an NBA game(s).

Individual Game vs. Miami (FL) Results During the Boeheim Era (Thank you

Date/location/score/SU Leading scorer

1/11/92 H #20 Syracuse 73, Miami 57 Dave Johnson 35 pts

2/29/92 A #22 Syracuse 68, Miami 63 Lawrence Moten 20

1/9/93 H #21 Syracuse 89, Miami 81 John Wallace 23

2/6/93 A Miami 81, Syracuse 74 Conrad McCrae 17

12/22/93 H #13 Syracuse 81, Miami 52 Lawrence Moten 23

3/1/94 A #14 Syracuse 71, Miami 69 Lawrence Moten 18

12/6/94 A #19 Syracuse 83, Miami 65 John Wallace 23

1/28/95 H #6 Syracuse 76, Miami 51 John Wallace 20

1/3/96 A Miami 75, #11 Syracuse 66 Todd Burgan 20

2/1/96 H #18 Syracuse 72, Miami 51 John Wallace 19

12/7/96 A Miami 67, #19 Syracuse 63 Todd Burgan 22

1/18/98 H #15 Syracuse 85, Miami 67 Todd Burgan 26

2/10/98 A #23 Syracuse 72, Miami 63 Jason Hart 19

2/8/99 H Miami 76, #18 Syracuse 63 Allen Griffin 18

1/8/00 A #7 Syracuse 67, Miami 55 Damone Brown, Ryan Blackwell, Jason Hart 14

2/13/01 H Miami 68, #10 Syracuse 57 Damone Brown 18

1/26/03 A #24 Syracuse 54, Miami 49 Hakim Warrick 18

2/14/04 A Syracuse 91, Miami 74 Hakim Warrick 27

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