Wake Forest Nusings and Random Stats

It's hard to generate much "hate" for Wake Forest. Which is a little odd, as I'm accustomed to generating lots of hate for late January conference road games against capable schools. By all accounts Wake is having a better season than say that of the typical Seton Hall squad over the last decade, but yet I have nothing that resembles the boiling frenzy of anger and nervousness that made work impossible the days of road trips to play the Pirates.

Boeheim vs. Wake Forest

vs. Wake Forest 1-0 (not much to work with here)

vs. Skip Prosser 1-0

Box score for #18 SU's 74-67 upset of #13 Wake in 2001-02

Big East School Wake reminds of: Pittsburgh When I think of Wake, I think of regular season titans that fall flat in the NCAA. Which may or may not be fair, for either school. Wake has been to the NCAA Tournament 12 times going back to the start of the Dave Odom's tenure. Only 5 of those times did they fail to play to the level of their seeding. But when they did fail to play to the level of their seeding, they usually did so in spectacular fashion (specific results below).

Player I think of when I think of Wake Forest: Kevin Pittsnogle



I know The Schnog didn't play at Wake, but when I hear "Wake Forest" said out loud (which is rare given I'm from the northeast, and most my friends and family went to school in the northeast and have no connection to this southern school), I think of Kevin Pittsnogle. Mike Gansey may have had the better game in that epic 2 OT 2nd rd Tournament game in 2005, but The Schnog was the face of that team, dude made an impression, just look at his wedding picture:



So despite the litany of great players to play for the Decons over the years, including the likes of Randolph Childress, Tim Duncan, Josh Howard and Chris Paul, I think of Pittsnogle.

Notable Wake Forest NCAA failures (I can see them well from my orange glass house)

1995 #1 seeded Wake lost in the Sweet 16 to #4 seeded Oklahoma State: Randolph Childress played his last game and Tim Duncan wasn't the best big man on the floor as Bryant "Sleepy Country" Reeves and Eddie Sutton's Cowboys pulled the upset on their way to the Final Four.

1997 #3 seeded Wake lost in the 2nd rd to #6 Stanford: Tim Duncan's final game was yet another disappointing loss in the NCAA. He overcame his college failures and has had what most consider an pretty decent NBA career.

2001 #7 Wake lost to #10 Butler: Losing to Butler was not nearly as acceptable in 2001 as it became in say, oh I don't know, 2010. In many ways it was failures like this by Wake that allowed Butler to develop into the program it is today. So it's no reach to suggest it's partially Wake Forest's fault that SU lost to Butler in 2010. I guess that's one reason to "hate" them.

2003 #2 Wake lost to #10 Auburn in the 2nd rd: I was nervous to play Wake. Thankfully they were so nervous about playing us, that they just went home early and mailed it in against Auburn (who turned out to be PFG themselves.)

2005 #2 Wake lost to #7 West Virginia in 2nd rd: a double OT classic that no one who watched will ever forget. The timing was awesome was as well. Though in retrospect it's hard to get as excited about a BIg XII school knocking of a school in the same conference as Notre Dame, Louisville, SU and Pitt.

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