Breaking Bad Theory: Walter Is Going To Get Away With It. Kinda.

Harry How

I had a Breaking Bad theory. I don't know where else to write it. So it's going here. Obviously, this assumes you are completely up to date on Breaking Bad. If not, steer clear cause there be spoilers.

If there's anything we know about Breaking Bad, it's that Walter White is doomed. He's burned all his bridges, told all his lies and run out of time. In the vein of the show and as a character in a story, Walter White deserves his comeuppance and that comeuppance is going to be terrible.

And this is the part where I insert Jesse's quote from a couple weeks ago...

"You two guys are just guys. OK. Mr. White – he's the devil. He is smarter than you, he is luckier than you. Whatever you think is supposed to happen, I'm telling you, the exact, reverse opposite of that is going to happen."

Everything we've seen this season is meant to tell us that Jesse is wrong. And I think that's exactly why Jesse's right.

Now before we dig into it, let's seperate out Walter's life into two parts. His professional life and his personal life. His professional life concerns the meth business, Heisenberg, Jesse, Hank, Todd & the Neo-Nazis. His personal life concerns Skyler and his children. For now, I'm just talking about his professional life.

First, Hank. I think Hank is 100% f***ed. I think this for two reasons...

1. Telling Marie "I'll see you soon" over the phone...I mean, he might as well have shot himself in the head right then and there.

2. Most importantly, aside from Gomez, Hank still hasn't told ANYONE about what he knows. And considering Hank & Gomez are, at the time of this writing, in the middle of a shootout with a bunch of Neo-Nazi drug dealers, the chances that anyone at the DEA finds out anything that Hank has uncovered are slim to none.

Hank's secrecy, though understandable, will ultimately be his undoing and the undoing of the case against Walt. Because if you assume Hank's not making it back to Marie, Marie will likely assume that Walt killed Hank and is probably coming for her. Even if that's not the case, who's going to believe Marie about her crazy story about how Walter is Heisenberg?


So that basically leaves Jesse. And while I'm rooting for Jesse to somehow get out of all this, I think he may have played his only card slightly too soon. He's going to have the full brunt of Todd, Todd's Nazi people, Hank and Saul after him. We could read into Walter wearing Jesse's jacket in the flashforward as a sign Jesse is dead by then. I like to think Hank merely thinks Jesse is dead.

But the point is, there's really nothing Jesse can do, short of maybe getting Hank's phone with the confession on it, that's going to help put Walter behind bars. His only option is to kill Walt and, at the end of the day, I don't think he can pull the trigger. I don't know if he dies but I don't think he'll ultimately topple Walter.


Now, Walt has entered into a contract to cook meth one more time in order to show Todd & The Neo Nazis (great band name) how it's done. I think this ends up happening one way or another, it can't possibly be a throwaway. In doing so, we'll have blue meth on the streets again, we'll have a lab that's full of blue meth again and we'll have a team of people who will have created said meth.

And they're the ones who will take the fall for Heisenberg. Be it because Walt flips on them or just be it by chance, Todd will be arrested as Heisenberg, or at least killed in a gunfight while assumed to be Heisenberg, and as far as the DEA is closed. They'll have pieced together that Todd and his crew attacked or possibly killed Hank & Gomez and, combined with the meth lab, they'll have all the evidence they need to close the loop.

And so...Walter White will get away with it. At least, professionally-speaking.

As for his personal life, that's a whole other story. I still think something horrible is coming (most likely in the form of Holly and/or Walt Jr. going bye-bye) and, despite the fact that "lucky" Mr. White got away with it all, he'll still suffer. I agree with this kinda-theory that the ricin cigarette Walt recovered from the burnt-out remains of his house is meant not for someone else but for himself. How he gets to that point, well, it's going to come from one of his personal connections.

Walter White will suffer the consequences. Because Heisenberg is going to get away scot free.


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