Orange Soccer: Schedule Breakdown

Well, we've looked at the roster from a 1000ft view and looked at how some of the lads are doing over the summer with their club teams. Now let's look forward to the fall, see when we've got a few games, and maybe even point out what we're probably heading up to catch.


Syracuse in general this year will be staring down a reasonable, if tough schedule. Moving to the ACC, we're not going to have the familiarity with old foes like we have for years in the Big East.

With the move, brings and influx of pretty solid talent on the opposite side of the ball. Hell, we're even scrimmaging the #2 team in the country, in a Georgetown squad who just finished runners up in the National Title Game. If you're in the DC area, it's probably a good chance to head out and get a look at the team. If you like attacking soccer, Georgetown has it: First Team Preseason First XI Forwards Steve Neumann and Brandon Allen as well as incoming freshman Alex Muryl.


In league, Maryland, Duke and UNC pack a punch, each bring with them a First Team Preseason All XI player on their roster and a great supporting cast to supplement them.

Virginia Tech is our ACC opener. Not the strongest of opposition, going 4-13-2 last season, but it's on the road, so you never know.

Notre Dame comes into the SU Soccer Stadium as one of the best teams in the country. They're a perennial top program and are coming off a 17-4-1 campaign. This'll be the first major test of the season and a great game to get up on the Hill for on September 9. It's a Monday, it's 7pm, I know you don't have anything else going on.

Duke was 8-8-2 last year and missed out on the NCAAs. They are returning a standout defender in Sebastien Ibeagha, who seems consensus First XI from a few sites. As well as a potential all Freshman candidate in Brody Huitema, a forward out of the Whitecaps academy from Vancouver.

The home match against Virginia brings local(ish) boy Jordan Allen from Rochester Aquinas back home. We were in the hunt for him, prior to his commitment to Virginia. The Cavs were 10-7-4 last season, with a second round exit from the Big Dance.

Going 10-9-0 in 2012, the NC State Wolfpack will come to the hill lead by midfielder Alex Martinez. It should be a solid mid-table match up at that point in the season (hoping we're the favorites, honestly don't know).

Boston College is away this year. I know we hate them in every other sport, why not carry it over?

Though UNC is a road game, it may be picked up on one of the ESPN's. It'd be a good look. UNC has a solid all around team and phenomenal defentder Boyd Okwuonu. If it's on it's worth a watch. Especially as a late season tie looking to see the team heading down the stretch into tournament season.

Luckily we've got Maryland at home. For better or worse, they're pretty damn good. One of the best overall prospects in the country, midfielder Patrick Mullins, as well as forward Schillo Tshuma and highly touted freshmen, GK Zack Steffen and D Suli Dainkeh will make this an interesting one, for better of for worse. Football has a bye week. Go check it out.

Clemson (6-9-5) isn't nearly as good as their football team. They were Stuart Holden's alma mater though and I've always got a soft spot for the US Midfielder, be he on the injured reserve or not.

Wake Forest rounds out the league schedule on the road. Wake's a solid team, 11-4-5 last year, and should be a battle to close the year out.


Out of the league, we're not looking at all cupcakes either as Connecticut comes in ranked #6 in the nation on the preseason polls behind stellar keeper, Andre Blake and forward Mamadou Doudou Diouf.

We kick the schedule off with the Central New York Derby (why not?) against Colgate. Colgate finished 5-8-6 last year and we beat them 6-0 at home. That's about all the info I have on that one.

Hartwick, another relatively local foe comes up to the Hill next. It's Coach McIntyre's old squad and while it shouldn't be close, the Hawks (5-10-2 last year) it will be the first look you'll get into the Orange in a home setting.

Manhattan, UMass, Binghamton and UAlbany round out the Non-Con schedule.


Sun, Aug 18 Fordham 7 p.m.

Tue, Aug 20 Ryerson 7 p.m.

Sun, Aug 25 #2 Georgetown 3:30 p.m.

Regular Season

Fri, Aug 30 Colgate 7 p.m.

Mon, Sep 2 Hartwick 7 p.m.

Fri, Sep 6 Virginia Tech 7:30 p.m.

Mon, Sep 9 Manhattan 7 p.m.

Fri, Sep 13 #11 Notre Dame 7 p.m.

Tue, Sep 17 #6 Connecticut 7 p.m.

Fri, Sep 20 Duke 7 p.m.

Wed, Sep 25 Massachusetts 7 p.m.

Sat, Sep 28 #14 Virginia 7 p.m.

Tue, Oct 1 Binghamton 7 p.m.

Fri, Oct 4 NC State 7 p.m.

Tue, Oct 8 Boston College 5 p.m.

Sat, Oct 12 Pittsburgh 7 p.m.

Fri, Oct 18 #5 North Carolina 7 p.m.

Tue, Oct 22 Albany 7 p.m.

Sat, Oct 26 #3 Maryland 7 p.m.

Fri, Nov 1 Clemson 7 p.m.

Fri, Nov 8 #18 Wake Forest 7 p.m.

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