What do you wish our average schedules looked like?

I've mentioned what I wish our schedule looked like in different places in the last few weeks, and since Whatshisface is honoring other contracts in May and wants us to make more FanPosts, I figured what the hell. I'm using current scenarios, not "ACC goes to a 9 game football schedule" or "BC or Louisville add men's lacrosse to get back to 6", but if you want to by all means do.


- 8 ACC games

- Game with Penn State or WVU or Notre Dame when we're in the Irish's cycle

- One of either SUNY-Buffalo or Army

- One gimme MAC/Sun Belt/FCS game

- Open spot for anything...could be Maine, could be Ball State, could be Oregon

On the Buffalo point, I was bored one day a few weeks ago and snooped around SBN. Apparently there's a UB blog, and there was an article on their athletic department wanted to play more football games at Ralph Wilson Stadium and more basketball games at First Niagara. Not sure a straight up alternating series would be that beneficial to us, but I do think it'd be a good thing to play the Bulls more and get more exposure in Buffalo. Play them for a couple years, then sub them for Army, who we could put in the MetLife series and make a pretty buck off of that game while not taking a tougher opponent out of the Dome. Army or Navy aren't great but they'll draw anywhere.


- 18 ACC games

- Preseason Tournament

- ACC/Big Ten Challenge

- Georgetown at MSG

- One of Villanova, St. John's, or UConn if it's in NYC

- St. Bonaventure

- Colgate

- Cornell

- One of Siena, Albany, SUNY-Buffalo, Canisius

- Open slot

- Open slot

Georgetown anywhere, just get it done. Put it on the same day as UK/Louisville and give CBS as a doubleheader. Play UConn if we do it at MSG or the Barclay's, otherwise don't send us to Storrs. I'm a big supporter of making St. Bonaventure an annual opponent. The rowdiest game I've been to- including every Georgetown game I've been to, all those Big East games, the Big East tournament, the NCAA Tournament- was the last time we played them. Not just on the court- Andrew Nicholson punching Rautins in the balls- but in the stands, too. It was a Saturday night right before break, SBU wasn't good the year before and had been slaughtered by someone bad the game before, but still brought a ton of fans to the Dome and was a pretty fun night. They play one home game a year in Rochester, so if we want to throw them a bone and be their opponent for that every once in a while we can. And I've always advocated we play a game in Toronto to help become the dream school for top flight Canadian talent, St. Bonaventure has grabbed some under the radar guys from Canada, they'd be a good opponent for such a game there, too. We've seen how good Cornell can be, and they always bring a good number of fans to the Dome. The traditional dunkfest against our friends from down the road in Hamilton must always live on, especially now that we've lost DePaul Day. Albany/Siena/UB/Canisius, again, throw them a bone every once in a while and play them at First Niagara or Times-Union. I think it'd be beneficial to DDG's marketing campaign to play more in those two cities.


- 4 ACC games

- Big City Classic

- Hopkins

- Cornell

- Hobart

- Princeton

- Colgate

- UMass

- Villanova

- Open slot

- Open slot

- Open slot (If the BCC is one of the above listed games...there's a good chance it would be)

Some obvious non-conference games in there. I'd put UMass back on it, I know other people don't much care for their style of play, but I enjoyed the ruggedness of the games we played with them. Colgate should be more obvious than, say, Hobart, but for some reason it isn't. They'd probably be willing to come to the Dome more often than we go to Hamilton, too. I don't know if we need Villanova every year, but if there's anyone from the C7 we keep it'd be them. They're always a pain in the ass of a matchup for us no matter how good they are overall, but the games are always good. The other C7 teams can come to the Dome and fill one of those open slots if they want, but screw 'em if they want a return game.

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