How to deal with the disease that is will.junior

I haven't met such a wonderful person as Will since the olden days when I posted as DenverOrange on; I haven't been to that site often mostly because I no longer live in Denver. It has nothing to do the comments section making me feel like I am just not as smart as those people. It's the opposite, actually: the intelligence on that site makes me yearn to create a new log in called AtlantaOrange so I can interact with all of the Rhodes Scholars there, and partake in all kinds of healthy debates about politics, guns, religion and my favorite topic: Syracuse sports.

I remember Floridasteve was such a nice man, so willing to interact and have friendly banter with fellow fans. Now THAT was someone you could speak to intelligently, someone who could put together some really well thought out ideas to share with his fellow human beings and fans. He was inspiring. Alas, I think he died. And I miss him terribly.

FireJB is another one that comes to mind. This person's view on Jim Boeheim is spot on. I miss his savvy ways of telling everyone his reason that Jimmy needs to go. And he did it over and over and over and over and over again, the same way which is so enjoyable. Oh, FireJB, why can't you come to TNIAAM so we can enjoy your very broad opinions on matters like the future of JB at the helm?

There are countless others over there who I miss dearly, and I visit anonymously from time to time but just don't interact with the wonderful folks over there.

Which brings me to my point: will.junior has arrived. Much like my friend floridasteve, he is such a nice person who speaks intelligently all of the time, and always respectfully. Like FireJB, his opinion on matters in unwavering and if you don't believe it, just keep reading because he'll tell you another 15,000,000 times. The same way. Which is really effective; after all, that's what he learned in his Communications Degree at SUNY Cortland.

How should we deal with Will?

We can ignore him. Make a blog-wide pact to never, ever, ever, ever respond to anything he says, even if he goes with "your mom is a whore" joke. If some of our theories are correct, he really is an attention whore and when you ignore people like this, they get sick of being ignored and just fade away into the sunset never to be heard from again. Or maybe he actually starts acting like a normal human being, but I've lost hope on that ever happening.

We can continue to make fun of him at every turn. I know some are tiring of it. Personally, I go in spurts: I enjoy making fun of him, then I tire of the banter and let everyone else make fun of him, then I step in and get merciless for a few days, then I back off, rinse and repeat. The good thing about this is that it serves as entertainment to me, and just look at all of the memes we got from him in just the last six months! Go Ludden Gaelic Knights!! WTF is a Gealic Knight, anyway?

Vote away, or if you'd like you can just comment and make fun of me for even taking the time to create this poll. I don't care. Have at it.

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