Things That Drive Me Nuts At Syracuse Games

Initially I intended to wait until lacrosse season was over to post this. Then I realized since there isn't much of anything other than lacrosse going on at a lacrosse game, nothing actually annoys me there. So, allow me to do what I do best: Nit pick stupid shit.

Let's face it. Even in the midst of obsession, if you try hard enough, you can find something wrong with the very thing you adore the most(Minus the wife, in case she reads this). Bads that could never out-weigh the goods, but bad enough to make you cringe none the less. In kind of the same fashion that I can find a flaw in the hottest women (seriously, hit the link), let me tell you what gets my goat at Syracuse sporting events.

In no particular order...

* Mike Veley: It's not that he does an awful job, it's the stinkin' rhymes. Gems like "shove from above", "swish from Triche", and "ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, it's time to stand up and make some noise". Painful

*The Cheerleaders: I'm okay with the fact that our "squad" isn't winning championships on ESPN2. But if you need to come out once a game with a microphone and tell us what to do you have already proven your worth, or lack thereof. As a fan, I'm embarassed for us and them. When fans from Louisville or WVU are here, I always imagine them saying to themselves: "Wow Cletus, I didn't know dem folks up in the CNY needed help cheerin' too!". Not to mention the fact that they rarely ever leave the safety of the sneaker sole to Dome floor. I think the Michelle Munn accident was the beginning of the end of us enjoying their routines.

*Sneakers: This is ridiculous, I know. But come on. I completely understand that different players might have different tastes in style, fit, low versus high. Can we not all wear the same color? Kills me. Nothing looked better than the Blackwell, Hart, Thomas era when all were wearing black.

*Fan Apparel: See previous FanPost.

*3rd Quarter Pride Of The Orange (Satellite Division): At every home football game, during the 3rd quarter, a small group of SUMB members go up into the 300 level somewhere in the opposite end zone. What's wrong with this, is that they often play at the same time as the rest of the marching band. And not the same song. The fact that they are on opposite ends of the Dome means nothing, because the main body of the band gets picked up by microphones hanging above them. The end result is a whopper of a headache if you let it get to you. And apparently I do.

*"Road To The Final Four": This is probably as petty as it gets. Through the eyes of ESPN, it irritates me that the wonderful Sour Sitrus Society always plays "Road To The Final Four". I guess it makes sense to play it most of the time, but why not play ESPN theme music? "RTTFF" is the official college basketball theme song of, and property of CBS, and has been since the day it was written. It always seems like a bit of a slap in the face to the ESPN crew that is here.

*Early Risers: There has always been an argument by some that they are trying to beat the traffic, or whatever. Even if I was willing to accept that, there are two situations I can't grasp. People that leave with 5-6 minutes left with a score that is very close. Why did you bother coming if you have no interest in a) seeing a full game, and b) finding out who's going to win? The other is the person who leaves with less than a minute to go, and the game is still undecided. Really, you've made it through 39 minutes plus, and you can't wait a few more seconds to catch this miraculous ending or heart wrenching last second loss? God forbid it ends tied, and you miss overtime altogether. Moron. Get your money's worth.

*The New Host?: It's not his fault, but what is this all about? Basketball games now have a young man walking around with a mic emcee-ing all the time-out activities. Action in the lane, dress like the Orange, etc. I don't get it. I can't even come up with anything else to say about it.

*The Wave: You don't need my thoughts on this. They're the same as yours.

*Plays Of The Game Highlights: They always do this with a few minutes to go in the game. Let's say the game is tied. What if THE play of the game happens in the last couple of minutes? I don't know when they SHOULD do it, I'm just saying.

*That Guy: There's always that one guy. He's sitting behind you, and you don't know him from Adam. Among your neighboring STHs, he clearly isn't a regular, as you do not recognize him. Yet, he knows all. "I hear Southerland's out tonight 'cause he's got an ingrown toenail". "Doctor Gross used to mow my lawn back in the day." etc. The stuff that comes out of this guy's mouth is rubbish, and I hate That Guy.

We've got it pretty good, I just like to complain. And it's alot easier to note all the stuff that bothers me, rather than all the things that are great about SU games. That would be one long post.

So let's have it. Share your thoughts. What drives YOU bananas at the games?

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