Sister Act: Tasia Butler Joins Sister Tiara On Syracuse WBB Team


What's it like to play Division I athletics with your own sister? Next year Syracuse will have not one, but two pair of sisters. In addition to bringing in twin sisters Briana and Bria Day, the Orange will add the younger sister of Tiara Butler.

With the end of the season approaching, it's about time to look at the next crop of Syracuse WBB recruits. SU brought in the No. 6 freshman class this year, according to ESPN's Hoopgurlz. Syracuse is at it again next year. The Orange has the No. 10 class, which includes four recruits, three of whom are in the ESPN Top 100.

One of them is Tasia Butler, a 6-foot-1 wing player from Waldorf, Md. Who better to analyze Tasia's game than her own sister, Tiara Butler, a redshirt sophomore for the Orange? (And no, they are not "cousins").

"She’s more of an all-around player," Tiara said. "She has gained a shot which is amazing. She can attack the rim."

Butler also considered Georgetown, James Madison, St. John's, and Miami (Fla). She is the No. 12 player at her position and No. 73 overall. scouts say her size and strength give her the potential to be an elite defender, but she needs to attack more instead of settling for jumpers.

Assistant coach Kelly Gibson is the recruiting coordinator for the Orange. She says the younger Butler sibling has been on SU's radar for a while and she's looking forward to finally seeing her play for the Orange.

"She’s a very aggressive player," Gibson said. "She gets on the offensive boards and she’s a great energy and hustle player. You’re going see some dynamic players (next year) and it’s going be exciting."

Tiara says she doesn't remember competing against her little sister much growing up because Tasia was more interested in dance early on. Her decision to play basketball wasn't until around 4th or 5th grade.

"It was so random because she really didn’t want to play, but I guess she figured she was really tall and she was pretty good at it," Tiara said. "She kept working and now she’s awesome."

When it came time for Tasia to pick a school, it was her own choice to make.

"I just wanted her to go wherever she pleased," Tiara said. "She thought she would be happy to go (here) but ultimately it was her decision. Even if I wasn’t going here, she still wanted to come here."

Now that doesn't mean Big Sis didn't have any influence.

"I told her that I had fun (here)," Tiara said. "I told her that I’m really happy here so of course me being happy would determine whether it would be a good place for her."

"The schools were so close athletically and academically that in the end it came down to family," Tasia Butler told about her decision.

Tasia Butler plays on the wing rather than guard (like Tiara) and is three inches taller than her elder sibling.

So who's the better athlete?

"We’re two completely different players so put us in different elements and we both will strive," Tiara Butler said. "She’s taller than me so she’s a bigger body so she can bring you down low. She’s very physical, she’s very young, and she’s still learning a lot of different things."

Either way, Tiara is just happy to be reunited with her buddy.

"It feels great. That’s my best friend."

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