I Always Thought The Real Crooks Were In DC

....and I'm not talking politics. Alright so I might have gotten a little annoyed by the SU-G’town shirts that Georgetown has made stating the Orange basketball teams’ oh so many transgressions. And I might take the rivalry and Syracuse basketball for that matter a bit too seriously. Me? Never….. It also might make me a little upset that the media loves to focus on Syracuse’s troubles, and yes we have had some recently. But I guess the Hoya proud must have forgotten about their own past players and run-ins with the law, or maybe they just figure we don’t have the internet or know-how to use a Google search engine up here in the ‘Cuse tundra.

Either way this is what I came up with after just a couple hours of searching. Some of it might be reaching, but so is their own research and quite frankly I don’t have the time to search for every harassment charge or bar fight on or near the Georgetown campus. The Syracuse news is a bit slower than that of DC so it’s a lot easier to find news reports on campus crimes. Also keep in mind HoyaSaxa wrote their original article about all the Syracuse arrests several months ago and has had time to fine tune their information and make jokes accordingly (yes I’ll give it to you guys comparing the Orange faithful apparel to those classic jail orange jumpsuits did amuse me a bit).

And before they start complaining that most of these happened after their players left Georgetown they might want to check the legal standings on calling someone a "prolific child predator" on a T-shirt when sai"predator" has never been found guilty of a crime. Also can someone tell me who Damone Brown is? And I know ‘Melo wasn’t still here in 2008, nor was Josh Wright in 2011.

2011- Team starts war with China…becomes international embarrassment (and truthfully got their asses kicked)

2010 – Former Georgetown assistant coach Kevin Broadus fired as head coach at Binghamton University after crippling the basketball program following an investigation by the NCAA into multiple violations and the ensuing dismissal of six players. 2011 – Georgetown brings Broadus back as a "special assistant" 2012 – Georgetown elevates Broadus to a full-time assistant coaching position despite having "earned a reputation for his ability to recruit academically at-risk players from so-called diploma mills."

2010 - Charles Smith shot in Maryland and later charged with five counts of possession after police find cocaine and evidence of a gambling ring at his residence. 1991 – Charles Smith convicted of vehicular manslaughter after killing two in a hit and run.

2010 – NCAA suspends Moses Ayegba for violating pre-enrollment rules (aka recruiting rules)

2005- Marc Egerson begins freshman season at the "elite" Georgetown. Admitted after one year of prep school before which he failed 12 high school courses including gym class. NCAA no longer accepts student-athletes coming out of his high school, Lutheran Christian.

2011- Alonzo Mourning charged with leaving the scene of a car accident. 1989 - Alonzo Mourning and John Turner befriend DC drug kingpin Rayful Edmond, but John Thompson insists they were not involved in anything illegal. 1989 – Mourning testifies at Edmond’s trial as the largest crack dealer in DC. 1989 – John Turner arrested in Maryland on charges of possession of crack cocaine with the intention to distribute. I’m assuming this was unrelated to the fact that he was friends with the largest dealer in nearby DC…? 1989 – Turner plays in non-NCAA sanctioned summer league under a pseudonym

2011 – Victor Page is arrested for 4th degree burglary and his cousin is convicted on two murder charges believed to be in retaliation for the 2003 shooting of Page. 2005 – Arrested for theft. 2004 – arrested for carrying a pistol without a license. 2003 – He is shot in the eye while sitting in his car . 1997 – "The Christmas Day Massacre", Page chases and hits an opposing player with a broom. 1995 – Page faced cocaine charges and gun charges in high school before even entering Georgetown.

2005 – Allen Iverson urinates in trash can at Atlantic City casino and banned. 2005 – He is sued for injuries received during a bar fight and banned from multiple casinos in Detroit and Atlantic City. 2002 – Arrested for trespassing, criminal conspiracy, false imprisonment and making terroristic threats. 1997 – Charged with carrying a concealed weapon and possession of marijuana. 1993 – While still in high school he is arrested for a fight at a bowling alley, served four months in gail after being charged with maiming by mob. He is still admitted to Georgetown.

1998 – Kevin Millen accused of stalking and also charged with unlawful entry.

2011 - Patrick Ewing - This is just creepy enough to let it speak for itself. And yes I’m almost sorry I included it in here, I do somewhat like Patrick Ewing.

1 – The number of National Championships you have. Look Georgetown is just like US. Time to get off the high horse.

Did I mention that five of the players I’ve listed are among the top 25 of Georgetown’s own "Georgetown Basketball History: Top 100" list. So really I didn’t even have to do much work here, not that I had to anyways I mean my sources are about as thorough as the ones they used for that T-shirt. However, I feel like I should mention that even Georgetown thinks its athletes have a problem:

Do you have any more to add? Oh yea and GO 'CUSE!!!

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