Minnesota Hate Week

I know we're all supposed to hold hands and sing "Cumbaya" with Gopher fans and all because some of them donated to the #CuseTixforKids campaign, but personally I think that at least 11 of them (the douche who wrote this and the ten who "Rec'd" it) are complete ***holes who have absolutely no class whatsoever.

"I sent this out to my friends last year before the game

Hello all,

This week, I bring you the reasons to hate Syracuse University, as well as the city in which it’s situated.

When I think of Syracuse (if I think about it at all), I think basketball. It’s what the school is known for—well that and having a douchey coach whose face is perpetually contorted into the Platonic ideal of the Poopface and who publicly questioned the credibility of a woman who one of his players punched in the face. Seriously, he’s the most recognizable representative of this shameless institution. Go **** yourself, Syracuse.

Another semi-famous representative of the university is Lisa Lampanelli, who you probably know best from Comedy Central’s celebrity roasts. Ninety-five percent of her jokes are about all the black dudes she’s ****ed because she’s not funny. I’m not kidding. Her entire oeuvre is black **cks and whether and how many she can fit inside her. We’d all be better off without her tasteless jokes. Suck a bag of (black) **cks, Syracuse.

Speaking of tasteless racism, Syracuse has something in common with our Nazi-loving neighbors to the west, North Dakota. Up until the early 1960s, Syracuse’s mascot was The Saltine Warrior, which, if you can imagine, was a more offensive affront to Native American sensibilities than the Atlanta Braves’ mascot. To Syracuse’s credit, they changed their mascot to Otto the Orange. Really, Syracuse? Otto? Could you come up with a more Nazi-esque name? I guess we should applaud their decision to not go for Adolf.

What else has Syracuse given us?

Aaron Sorkin. Listen: When I want to be lectured by a smarmy, liberal douchebag about how stupid Americans are, I’ll let you know. Until then, **** yourself.

Marv Albert. THE DUDE BIT A HOOKER’S ASS. Need I say more?

Bob Costas. ****ing AGE, man!

Tom ****ing Cruise. He didn’t go to Syracuse, but he’s from there. So, **** you, Syracuse. You ****ing suck. If God intended us to buy into your cultish, Battleship-Earth-loving, space alien bullcrap, he’d have written it in the Bible. Battleship Bank, **********ers!

But, seriously, Syracuse: You can take your fake-ass winters with your fake-ass lake-effect snow and your fake-ass dome, your fake-ass grist mill, and even your fake-ass, wannabe NoDaker mentality and **** right off. You’re hell-hole no one thinks about because they’d prefer not to think about the place America deposits its excrement. No one ever wants to go to Upstate New York because it ****ing sucks, and you’re the best thing Upstate has to offer. I hope the 300 of you who come to the Bank enjoy yourselves because you have to go back Upstate and continue on with your miserable ****ing lives. I pity you and you disgust me.


by mnHorn on Dec 9, 2013 | 3:29 PM up reply rec (10) flag"

This is by far the worst thing I have ever read on any blog at all. I replied and told him that he needed therapy (which he does) and he replied saying that this is just a joke, and that it is so obviously over the top that it should be obvious.

Well, first and foremost, you probably should never joke about Nazi or Hitler with a school that has as many Jews that our University has. I don't really think there is anything funny about the extermination of 6,000,000 Jews.

You don't mess with Jimmy B. I don't even remember the specifics around the Devo incident, and I don't care. I'm pretty sure he was exonerated by the Judicial Board and no charges were ever pressed.

There is a reason Lisa Lampanelli is a millionaire. You might not like her brand of humor, but look around her audience that is filled with the same people who she makes fun of in every act. She freely admits that her "act" is just that: something that she obviously doesn't feel, but makes people laugh at themselves. The author above must not have the ability to laugh at himself. Poor bastard.

After this rant, anyone who has the audacity to call Syracuse racist after writing this nonsensical mess filled with racism is a complete ****ing ***hole. And no, I am not saying this in jest. Kiss my a** Gophers. Eleven of you who wrote or liked this post make your entire fan base look like complete ***holes and I can't wait to kick your team's asses this week.
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