Syracuse Basketball Schedule: Big East Swan Song Slate Is Set

Since all 31 games will be considered Syracuse home games, you better make sure you've got this shirt handy...

Update: According to the Big East, Syracuse will play Detroit as part of the Gotham Classic on Dec. 17th in the Dome. The game will be televised on ESPU. Also, they've noted that the Temple game will be televised on ESPN2.

Original: The full 2013 Big East basketball is out so let's just get the entire 2012-2013 Syracuse Orange basketball schedule out there and take a gander at our Big East swan song...


  • November 1st - Pace (exhibition)
  • November 4th - Bloomburg (exhibition)
  • November 9th - San Diego State at USS Midway (7:00 p.m., Fox Sports)
  • November 18th - Wagner
  • November 21st - Princeton
  • November 25th - Colgate
  • November 30th - at Arkansas (8:30 p.m., ESPN)


  • December 3rd - Eastern Michigan (7:00 p.m., ESPNU)
  • December 6th - Long Beach State (8:00 p.m., ESPN2)
  • December 8th - Monmouth
  • TBD - Two unknown Gotham Classic opponents in Carrier Dome.
  • December 17th - Detroit (7:00 p.m., ESPNU)
  • December 22nd - Temple at MSG (Noon, ESPN2)
  • December 31st - Central Conn. State


  • January 2nd - Rutgers (Big East Network)
  • January 6th - at South Florida (Big East Network)
  • January 9th - at Providence (Big East Network)
  • January 12th - Villanova (Big East Network)
  • January 19th - at Louisville (4 p.m./ESPN)
  • January 21st - Cincinnati (3:30 p.m./ESPN)
  • January 26th - at Villanova (11 a.m./ESPNU)


  • February 2nd - at Pittsburgh (Noon/ESPN)
  • February 4th - Notre Dame (7 p.m./ESPN)
  • February 10th - St. John's (1 p.m./ESPN)
  • February 13th - at Connecticut (7 p.m./ESPN or ESPN2)
  • February 16th - at Seton Hall (Big East Network)
  • February 20th - Providence (7 p.m./ESPN2)
  • February 23rd - Georgetown (4 p.m./CBS)
  • February 25th - at Marquette (7 p.m./ESPN)


  • March 2nd - Louisville (Noon/CBS)
  • March 6th - DePaul (Big East Network)
  • March 9th - at Georgetown (Noon/ESPN)

Let's chat about it...

  • Syracuse doesn't leave the Continental United States the entire season. Absolutely pathetic.
  • Four out of the five months, Syracuse plays multiple quality teams. All in all, a very solid and tough schedule (if you ask me).
  • January is sneaky-tough. Right off the bat, we play four games in ten days (12/31 - 1/9), two of which are on the road. Then we get a Villanova doubler, away at Louisville and then home against pesky Cincinnati. Can't take anything for granted there.
  • February is its usual brutal self. Looking forward to seeing Notre Dame in the Dome for a little payback. At UConn and At Seton Hall are both going to be tough, they always step it up when we're in their building our building. And given the circumstances this season, I expect every Big East road game to be as hostile as ever. Georgetown in the Dome followed by a road game at Marquette two days later is brutal.
  • March, as usual, packs a bunch. What is it with playing DePaul in March? I feel like they always schedule us to play them in weird. But its gonna be a nice break in between a Louisville and Georgetown two-fer.
  • Lots of TV as expected. 17 19 national appearances scheduled right now, and that doesn't include whatever the Gotham Classic turns out to be and any Big East Network games that get picked up.

31 games. Based on what you know (and what you don't know), whatcha think?

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