Syracuse Daily Links - Expectations Or No Expectations?

Syracuse Football vs Minnesota: Should SU fans take the "no expectations" approach? |
Now, that "best 0-2 team in the country" stuff was a little ridiculous and I would expect the head coach to be perturbed at that. But what stuck with me is how Marrone mentioned how his team is constantly being "pulled off focus." That is where we come in. We're the distracters.

Former Syracuse center Roosevelt Bouie offers matchmaking basketball service |
"There are more than 7,000 kids who graduate each year and some of them want to continue playing," Bouie said. "But most of them have no idea how to do it." So Bouie set up a series of camps, some at Syracuse University, others in places like New York City and Atlanta, to provide exposure for players and a pool of prospects for overseas coaches. But over the years, Bouie witnessed the need for more intervention.

Syracuse basketball ticket packages go on sale Monday |
Syracuse University will begin to offer "mini-package" basketball tickets and group game tickets starting Monday at 10 a.m.

Q&A with Phil Miller of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune | The Daily Orange
There is no realistic chance of Gray playing; he hasn’t practiced all week, and he could barely jog at practice today. But Shortell is not a big dropoff from the starter. In fact, there is a sizable faction of Gopher fans who would prefer he be the starter. Shortell is 6-6 and has a strong arm, making him much more of a passing threat than Gray.

Know Thy Opponent: Syracuse - Minnesota
Syracuse unveiled a new offense for the 2012 season, and the results so far -- in terms of points scored -- are certainly positive. Riding the right arm of Ryan Nassib, Syracuse has opened up the playbook and operated almost extensively out of the shotgun formation to put up more than 25 points in all three games this season.

Syracuse Writer Roundtable: Minnesota Predictions | College Spun
The Orange head to Minneapolis, Minnesota, this weekend to take on the Golden Gophers. The game takes place on Saturday at 8 p.m. EST and will be shown on the Big Ten Network. We asked a few of our writers to predict the outcome of the game, and needless to say, they all expect the Orange to come home with a 2-2 record.

Video preview, Syracuse at Minnesota football: How good are the 3-0 Gophers? |
Just how good are the Gophers? What kind of game should the Syracuse defense prepare for with Minnesota backup sophomore quarterback Max Shortell getting the start and regular QB MarQueis Gray out with a high ankle sprain? Will the Syracuse offense be able to get off to a good start this week?

Syracuse football cornerback Brandon Reddish out for Minnesota game |
Syracuse University will be without starting cornerback Brandon Reddish for Saturday's game against Minnesota, Orange head coach Doug Marrone said this morning.

Alec Lemon's quick return bolsters Syracuse football receiving corps |
"I’ve had pro bowl players early in their careers who have missed significant time, we threw them in there and they did not perform well," said Marrone, in reference to his years with the NFL’s New Orleans Saints and New York Jets. "So you can imagine what happens when you’re at a college level and those players miss time."

The Morning Orange: A bit of Tyrone Wheatley may be looking a bit beyond Syracuse-vs.-Minnesota |
"You know, the rivalry’s been rekindled," he said. "It died for a minute there, but it’s been rekindled." Syracuse vs. Minnesota? Nah, Wheatley was talking about Michigan vs. Notre Dame, which will be waged before the ranters in South Bend.

Syracuse football team would like to attain some positive energy earlier in games |
"You hit one good shot and you’re ready to go get another one," the Syracuse University football coach said. "If you’re playing basketball and that first one goes in from 3 you’re going to be shooting them all from 3. The things that happen on this field aren’t much different from what happens in life. If something good happens early you get excited about it. It’s positive energy."

Orange Watch: No harping, please, about Syracuse’s basketball schedule | The Juice Online
It’s no more than a misperception anymore. After years in which national college basketball media types would continuously lambaste Jim Boeheim and the Syracuse program for either never venturing out of the Dome or New York State prior to the beginning of conference play, the staff has scheduling down to a science. It all makes sense with an 18 game league portion already laid out.

Guys, if you see Otto eating massive portions, make sure you smack that tray of quinoa right out of his hand.

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