Syracuse Football Thursday Update: New Offense Has Nassib and Lemon Smiling

September 15, 2012; Syracuse, NY, USA; Syracuse Orange quarterback Ryan Nassib (12) runs out of the pocket during the second half of a game against the Stony Brook Seawolves at the Carrier Dome. Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-US PRESSWIRE

In what I hope will become a regular feature on TNIAAM, I was able to make the Syracuse football media opp last night and talk with the players. I'll post on twitter who I'm interviewing week to week so readers with questions can get them answered. Sound cool? Great.

So this new fangled offense that we got going on has left fans happy and Orange players racking up stats and getting national attention. For Alec Lemon, it came as a surprise.

A couple of teammates and my parents told me that I was on [the Biletnikoff Watch List]. It's something special to be a part of that list with all the great receivers out there in the country. I'm glad Marcus is on it, he deserves to be on it too.

So what about the part where he's almost top of the leader board in school receptions?

I'm just lining up every play. When I come on the sideline, guys tell me I have this many catches but I don't think about that.

Oh and he'd be leapfrogging one of his coaches.

He probably won't mention it to me during the game but it would be something special to pass him. I love Coach Moore to death and it would be funny if I passed him and I'll give him a little stuff about it.

What's it like throwing to these two stars you may wonder? Ryan Nassib has the answer for you

It's a great security blanket for myself. It keeps defenses on their toes because they know I'm keying in on just one guy. They compliment each other great and I feel bad sometimes because I wish I could get them more balls, but I do have to spread it out a little bit.

And how surprised was Ryan when he found out he's on pace for 4,500+ 35 TD?

I never really thought about numbers to be honest. I've never thought about throwing for 500 yards in a game or anything like that. All I care about is winning games. It's only week three and we have a big test ahead of us. If I go out there and break some records and win some games that's great but at the end of the day it's all about winning games.

So the offense is all fast and up tempo now. How's that affecting guys like Lemon?

It took us awhile to get used to, we had to get in shape, get used to running two plays in less than 15 seconds. But I ran that style of offense in high school so I was kind of used to it. It's a lot more fun, we don't have time to think about the mistakes we made last play because we're moving the ball so quick.

What about Ryan?
You know it's fun getting everyone going. You don't have time to dwell on the last play because we're already on the next one so you have to get your mind right. We were talking about it today, wondering "how come there hasn't been any fights in practice," and it's because we're going so fast. No one's sitting around thinking about the last play we're just going.
So apparently dwelling is a problem we've had in the past...noted. Ok so we actually have to go on the road now. Ew. What's it going to be like in Gopherland, Nassib?
They are a typical Big Ten defense. The stereotype holds true, they have big linemen, fast linebackers and a good secondary. They have a lot of veterans back there who can make plays. We're doing somethings to combat crowd noise if it becomes an issue. We've heard that it does get loud in there and pretty rowdy so we're practicing for that situation. When you hear a pin drop you know you're doing your job. I've never been to Minnesota, heard they got a new stadium, so it'll be kind of fun to go.
And how does Alec expect to be played?
We know that there's a couple of corners who can be physical at the line...they have a certain way they like to play whether it's inside or outside so we have to be ready to adjust on the fly.
Well spoken gentlemen.
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