Syracuse Daily Links - Orange Punt Coverage Needs Work

Syracuse University football coach Doug Marrone on punt coverage: 'I absolutely believe in the scheme' |
"If you have a quarterback who can throw it 80 yards but can’t put it on a receiver what good is that?" Marrone said. "It’s the same thing with punters. Our goal is to put that ball 40 yards in the air at a 4.0 (second) hang time in the direction we need, because it is all schemed up as far as the field."

Ranked Last: The Punting Formation Needs To Change For Syracuse Going Forward - Inside the Loud House - A Syracuse Orange Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.
This is one of the few things that I disagree with Doug Marrone on. I realize he has forgotten more football than I will ever know, but bear with me here.

Syracuse University football punt return team mirrors struggles of punt coverage team so far |
"I want to get that hidden yardage where you get that 10 or 12 yards (on a return)," he said. "That’s already a first down. Last year we didn’t have much for him. This year we have a lot of hold-ups, a lot of returns."

Syracuse Orange free throw star making baskets for veterans : News :
Jim Lee helped take the Syracuse men’s basketball team to the Final Four in 1975 and held the record for free throw percentage at Syracuse for thirty years. Now, he’s back on the court. The former Orange star recently wrote a book on free throw shooting called, "Fifteen Feet for Free."

Junior safety says Syracuse football defense can play much better |
"Yeah – you have to be on your P’s and Q’s, Wilkes said of Henderson’s style. "I try to keep him off of me. But it does make us better, because if you have somebody in your ear, when you get in a game it’s gonna still be there.

Bud and Brent: Just how good is the 0-2 Syracuse football team? |
Just how good is the 0-2 Syracuse Orange football team? Did the two losses to start the season actually raise expectations among SU fans? Can this team compete in the Big East? And what will the addition of Notre Dame - but not the Irish football team - mean to the ACC?

Here’s What Each Syracuse Basketball Player Needs To Be Focusing On | College Spun
The off-season is the time to hit the weight room, address your flaws and try and attempt to stay in game-shape. While that’s all done with the help of a strength and conditioning coach, it’s usually up to the player to get in the gym and work on their game. Teams who have players that properly prepare themselves for the upcoming season typically start the year strong.

A Reminder Of Home: Jim Calhoun, And Why He'll Be Missed -
As Jim Calhoun retires, a Connecticut native looks back at his legacy in the state and why UConn fans will miss him so.

How The Notre Dame-ACC Football Schedule Rotation Can Work In The Early Years - BC Interruption
To mitigate the financial loss in having to cancel any of these future non-conference series, my guess is Notre Dame and the ACC will jointly agree to bolt on an early ACC scheduling rotation around these previously existing scheduling obligations with BC, Syracuse, Pitt and Miami. The end product may look something like this.

Notre Dame To ACC: Future Changes To The ACC Basketball Scheduling Model? - BC Interruption
When the ACC added Syracuse and Pitt, ACC commissioner John Swofford announced the league would move to an 18-game schedule with just one primary partner. Boston College was paired with Syracuse, as were Clemson-Georgia Tech, Duke-North Carolina, Florida State-Miami, Maryland-Pitt, N.C. State-Wake Forest and Virginia-Virginia Tech. Sounds like you can scrap this plan.

Problem Solved: Recommending Notre Dame Football's ACC Schedule Rotation -
If you're the conspiracy sort, you can't help but wonder whether this has been in the works for a long time now (and camouflaged by scheduling Syracuse and Pittsburgh, teams that weren't even in the ACC yet).

The BCS Eliminator, Week 2: Auburn, Arkansas Plummet To Purgatory -
I also don't like Syracuse here, as the Orange have two quality losses and a very aggressive out-of-conference schedule overall. But a two-loss Big East champ in the title game? Not seein' it.

Syracuse Alumni share their thoughts on the 2012 Orange football team and the atmosphere playing #2 USC at MetLife Stadium in this week's Orange Appeal.

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