SU vs. NU: My Non-Football Observations

I've been going to Syracuse football and basketball games my entire life. We're talking season tickets so that's alot of games. Thirty-two years worth in the Carrier (Air Conditioner Co.) Dome. After today's game, I felt the need to share just a few observations, and one thing in particular that was a first for me.

First off, the improvements to the Dome. The ribbon was fantastic. The jumbo HDvideo boards were choppy at times, but fantastic. Other than the new turf installation some years ago, this was the most excited I had been walking into the Dome since September 20, 1980. For me, it created a fresh new game experience that I suspect will be at least as impressive for basketball. The opening video was awesome, and it led to the team running out of the tunnel. They were led by Dan Vaughn, who carried a 10th Mountain Division flag, and ran to the end-zone below me and saluted who I'm only guessing may have been Ft. Drum contingent.

It was awful hot in there.

With all the hype over the improvements made for fans to be able to use their phones and such, I was eager to check my iphone for out of town scores. Facebook. SB Nation live thread. The internet. Send my wife a text. Fail, fail, fail, fail, and oh yeah fail. It was the same old story, and maybe worse. There was a new wi-fi available that my phone recognized, but it kept telling me it was unavailable. I hope this changes.

Could someone open a window or something?

Ok, I lied. Let's get just one football observation in. Nassib, Ryan: 44-65, 470, 4 TD, 1 INT. His name's gonna be in the paper.

Is anyone else hot?

Am I the only one who is irritated by the fifty-cent pieces? Buy anything at a concession stand that ends in .50, and you WILL get a half-dollar back. Period. This has annoyed me for years. I figured Doc had figured out a good way to make some more money by buying a bunch from the bank for $.49. So I asked once, and the answer is so the cashiers don't have to figure anything out. It's easier to make change, and less coins to handle. Anyway, I'm off topic. I was just going to mention that for the first time in 32 years, I had a ridiculously nice customer service experience at a concession stand. A smile, a "sir", and a "have a nice day". And then she gave me nachos with COLD cheese and a fifty cent piece.

I hope I don't have a fever or something. Maybe I'm getting ill.

Lastly, the one thing I've never experienced at the Dome. I have some anxiety issues, and one thing that feeds it is vomit. I mean terrified. Not of getting sick, but someone near me. If I think someone is going to Buick, I will run you over to get out of there (my wife loves me when the kids are sick). So, if someone is overly drunk, my anxiety starts to tell me that that person may vomit. Now on the day after dealing with this very issue at a concert, here we go again. The crowd was not great, and I had virtually no one behind me all the way to the top of the Dome. Suddenly there was a new neighbor two rows behind me sitting forward with his head in his hands. A steady stream of sweat, and I mean stream, was running off his scalp, over his hands, and onto the floor. I don't know if I mentioned it, but it was a little warm in there. Then he laid down. People all over the section started to take notice. The usher came up to see if he was okay. Thenin an "A League Of Their Own" ball-scratch moment, something happened in the game, and without opening his eyes or getting up, he shoots one arm straight up to cheer. People were actually taking pictures of this guy. Eventually he got upright and I started to relax a little. During all the excitement of the last few minutes, he took an empty Aquafina bottle, un-capped it, and vomited into it. Way to close for comfort. I guess I'm just surprised, though thankful, that I haven't had to deal with this more often at the games.

Now I've vomited a few times in my life, and I have to ask: How in the hell do you puke into that little opening. My guess is that he has had some practice.

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