SU Legends and Stars: My POV


This past Sunday, I attended my second straight SU Legends and Stars event at Drumlins Country Club. (Side-note: Did you know that SU owns Drumlins and has since the late 60's?)Apparently this was the fourth annual, but I never heard about it until last year. Even then it was very lightly advertised. This event is for a very good cause, so let me start by saying the negative things that are about to come out, do not out-weigh the good. Now that we have that out of the way, let the whining commence.

Let me start with the positives, in no particular order.

Charley Loeb as usual was indeed RGL. Jeremi Wilkes, Lou Alexander, Adrian Flemming, and Siriki Diabate also manned the football department, taking turns running children's drills outside, and signing inside. Legends on hand: Chris Gedney, and Rob Drummond.

C.J. Fair, and Baye Keita, did the same for basketball. Legend: Adrian Autry.

About six girls from the WLAX team signed along with Gary Gait.

John Desko, and four players from the MLAX team, signed and ran drills outside. Legends on hand: Joel White, John Galloway, and Roy Simmons Jr.

My neighbor and old schoolmate John Goodwin, a member of the 1990 National Championship LAX team was there with his family. He is in the sound business. He provided the entertainment, and his ridiculously talented daughter sang the National Anthem. She also played a few songs with her band, featuring Gait's son on guitar.

Nicole Gait is hot. Her dance team of little girls in Orange outfits put on a couple numbers as well, but mostly she's hot.

It's for a good cause.

And as my 5 year old daughter shook, sweat, cried and climbed up me in fear of Otto, a women who was part of this whole thing overheard us.She told my daughter that she knew Otto, and would make sure he stayed away from her. He was great about it, and finally got to the point where he would wave at her from across the room, and she would wave back. That there's progress folks.

Now the negative.

Almost everything that I attend, no matter how good it is, always has glaring issues when it is put on by this athletic department. Spring games, Fan Fest in the fall, Hardwood Basketball Banquet. etc. Autograph lines and give-aways always fall short of organized. This event has one little glitch as well, now for two years in a row: False Advertising.

For the second year in a row, no Boeheim. As late as Thursday or Friday of last week in a radio interview, he said he would not be making it, but Julie would be there. Julie was not there. Doug Marrone - not there. Hillsman - not there. Tim Green - Not there. Ultimately, I don't care. I would go anyway. I have had the pleasure of meeting these guys before. Marrone did attend last year. But the person who bought these tickets to get the opportunity to meet these people, or get an autograph should be ticked. All the newspaper articles, radio spots and as you can see above in the ad, said that these people would be there. I think the university, and Elmcrest should leave the particular attendees a little more open ended. I think overall, that this thing perfected, could continue to grow into a really big event. That's all.

Lastly, I grace you with something not normally available this early. It's bitchin', and I have one, and you do not. The 2012 SU FB schedule poster. Good Day


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