Syracuse Football 2012 Post-Spring Depth Chart Unveiled

SEATTLE - SEPTEMBER 11: Quarterback Ryan Nassib #12 of the Syracuse Orange rushes for a touchdown in the first quarter against the Washington Huskies on September 11 2010 at Husky Stadium in Seattle Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

The veil of secrecy that's covered Syracuse Orange football all spring was lifted just enough during the spring game to give us an idea of how things are going. Now, the post-spring depth chart has given us an even better glimpse into how things stand (injuries aside...).

Much to the chagrin of various commenters, Ryan Nassib is your No. 1 QB. Charley Loeb remains the back-up with John Kinder at No. 3 and Terrel Hunt at No. 4. Those expecting to see Kinder leap-frog Loeb are disappointed. For now.

If you're looking for Ashton Broyld, you're looking in the wrong category. He's listed as a running back. He's the No. 3 halfback on the chart behind No. 1 Jerome Smith and No. 2 Prince-Tyson Gulley. Steve Rene is listed behind Broyld as he recovers from injury. Expect that battle to continue well into the fall.

Clay Cleveland is your starting fullback at the moment, followed by Myles Davis. Travon Burke and Mitchell Piasecki also lurk to make this arguably the deepest position on the team.

If the season started today, Marcus Sales and Jeremiah Kobena would be your starting receivers. Obviously, Alec Lemon would be there instead of Kobena but he's injured. Keenan Hale and Adrian Flemming are the No. 2s while Jarrod West is a little bit of a surprise at No. 3. Figured he'd be ahead of Hale...

Tight end is Beckett Wales and...that's it. For now. Louie Addazio is way back there and the Orange will await the arrival of freshmen Ron Thompson and Josh Parris.

Your starting offensive line at the moment is Kristofer Curtis (LT), Zach Chibane (LG), Macky MacPherson (C), Ivan Foy (RG) and Sweet Lou Alexander (RT). Injured senior Justin Pugh would otherwise be the starting left tackle. Looking at the current depth chart, the Orange look a little thin at O-line.

On the defensive line, returning starter Deon Goggins has the dubious distinction of being the only returning player who isn't injured but has lost his starting job. He's currently backing up Donnie Simmons at one defensive end slot while Brandon Sharpe holds down the other one. Cory Boatman and Jay Bromley are your nose tackle and defensive tackle, respectively. They're backed up by the big hosses Eric Crume (332 lbs) and Ryan Sloan (324).

The linebacker corps look similar as Dyshawn Davis and Dan Vaughan return to their starting spots. Marquis Spruill almost certainly would have the middle linebacker starting job locked down if he wasn't injured. In his stead, Siriki Diabate is your No. 1 guy for now. Cam Lynch, Lewellyn Coker, Don Anene and Oliver Vigille are fighting over the backup spots.

The defensive secondary is thrown off by the injury of incumbent-starter Keon Lyn but as he heals, Ri'Shard Anderson and Brandon Reddish are your starting corners. Obviously, #SHAMARKO Thomas is the top strong safety and Jeremi Wilkes takes over for Philip Thomas at the free safety spot. It looks like competition is still strong for the backup situation.

As expected, Ross Krautman has the early lead on Ryan Lichtenstein for field goal/XP kicking duties and Jonathan Fisher gets the nod over Riley Dixon for punting duties.

For kick returns, Jeremiah Kobena is the No. 1 guy followed by Brandon Reddish, who would join him out there. Steve Rene is listed as the top punt returner with Ritchy Desir and Brandon Reddish behind him.

So, nothing too shocking here. Then again, it's the post-spring depth chart, it's not supposed to be. There's still a ton of newbies yet to arrive and that will shake things up for sure. Don't pencil in anybody for these spots just yet, save for Nassib.

Thoughts? Any surprises? Causes for concern?

H/T: Nation of Orange

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