Pre-game Boston Eatery Suggestions

So you arrive in Boston from Syracuse or other points west on Thursday afternoon. You go to the hotel. Check in. Drop off the plethora of bags you brought and change into your full orange jumpsuit if you weren't already wearing it. Then what? Where will you go what sights will you see? Well I'll tell you fellow 'Cusian. There is much to be seen, done, and drunk in the Drunkest City in America!

Luckily I think there is still a bit of beer left in this city after this past weekend. I highly recommend the Official Alumni Spot in Boston The Pour House if you are looking for a nice place with standard pub fare and large jugs of beer. However, for thursday's purposes it is not really conducive to pre-gaming as it is far far away from the TD Garden. Luckily the TD Garden has a variety of eating and drinking establishments to choose from.

Directly across from the Garden is Canal Street. A smallish street that pretty much only has bars on it. As a longtime Bostonian and Celtics season ticket holder I have been to everyone of these establishments over the years. There are so many possible places that you are sure to get in somewhere.

Are you an alcoholic? Is food not a priority for you? Do you enjoy arcade games and toothless women? Then walk no further than the first stop on Canal St. Sullivan's Tap. You won't find craft beers or fancy suits in this place. Second only to the Tam in terms of dive bars in Downtown Boston. I do love me some Sully's Tap every once in a while but if you are looking for food then keep moving. Sully's is probably the cheapest bar on the block and if that is a driving factor then definitely check it out. It is also cash only. Yup it's that type of place.

If you are just looking for a cheap and quick bit to eat that you can take the family and still get your drink on then head to one of my favorite pregame spots Halftime Pizza. On Causeway St. directly across from the Garden this is a great pizza place with cheap prices.



Not only do they churn out pepperoni and cheese pizzas on event nights so there is never a long line but they have cheap beers ranging in size from your standard pint to essentially buckets of beer.

If you are looking for a classier joint with a fancier menu then The Fours is your spot. Once voted the best sports bar in america according to sports illustrated. Although I'm not really sure who SI asked but thats another matter for another time. This establishment has some fancier dishes but your standard Nachos and other pub food as well. Its okay. Nothing to write home about but a solid option.

One of my and my fellow Bostonian's favorite spots is Boston Beer Works. This place is also family friendly. Get here early or you will not be able to get a table. Definitely the most varied and delicious menu on the block. Also a must spot for beer lovers. This restaurant sells only beer that it brews. They have a delicious blueberry beer that they actually float real blueberries in if thats your bag. If its not then there are plenty of manly beers to chose from as well. The prices are decent as well.

Next to Beer Works is the Sports Grille Boston. Don't go here unless you have no other options. Seriously it is terrible. Stay away far away. Yes it is that bad. Just don't. Stop even thinking about it to see how bad it is. Just don't. There are a few other places like Hurricane O'Reilly's, The Greatest Bar, and The Harp which are decent options.

FInally, that Boston staple the Irish pub. By far my go to pre-game bar/restaurant is the Grand Canal. Getimage_ashx_medium


The food here is amazing pub fare. The corned beef is the best I have ever had. As it is towards the end of Canal St. It remains largely uncrowded till close to game time. The beer is reasonably priced and they have a stocked bar with awesome mixed drinks. Most importantly since it will be in the 80s weather wise on Thursday the Grand Canal has a patio. You can drink outside.

There are many, many bars in Boston and many further away from the TD Garden. I hope that you find this helpful and enjoy your time in this great city and GO ORANGE!

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