Syracuse Daily Links - The Quebecois Kid

The Five Most Important Takeaways From College Basketball's Second Opening Night -
Against rival Georgetown Wednesday night, Syracuse had two possessions where it needed someone to make a play in order to win the game. The first came at the end of regulation, where Scoop Jardine had his penetration cut off and then threw a wild pass to Dion Waiters who clanked an awkward looking three. The second came at the end of ovetime, where Kris Joseph, who made play after play when SU needed him, buried a deep dagger to put the second-ranked team in the country up for good. Joseph hit 6-of-11 threes and finished with a game-high 29 points. "The Quebecois Kid" should get every pivotal late-game touch (gross) for Syracuse going forward.

Georgetown Loses, America Loses: Syracuse Defeats Hoyas 64-61 In Overtime Thriller - Casual Hoya
We went toe-to-toe with one of the three best teams in their country on their home floor and had the game ripped from us. I can honestly say that tonight Georgetown was the better team, but Syracuse executed better.

Syracuse Orange Basketball - Syracuse Tops Georgetown In Overtime Thriller
Kris Joseph was spectacular in this game. He scored a career-high 29 points on 9-20 shooting, including 6-11 from beyond the arc. He also grabbed five rebounds, had three steals, and was 5-6 from the free-throw line. Joseph carried this team on his back, and silenced the "go-to guy" talk for at least a night.

Fizz 5: What We Learned from SU’s Georgetown Win, Why Boeheim is Cranky : Orange Fizz
Georgetown hammered SU on the glass, winning the rebounding battle 52-35. That clearly infuriated Boeheim, and with good reason. The Orange doesn’t need to be the best rebounding team in the nation, but there’s no excuse for a performance on the boards like last night’s. Syracuse routinely wields the advantage in nearly every other facet of the game. It would be a shame to see its season cut short because of one glaring weakness.

A Big Night for the Big East's Best Rivalry - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
If Joseph’s scoring binge saved Syracuse’s ass offensively, Melo did it on defense. With five minutes to play, he spiked a Mikael Hopkins layup attempt to nearly midcourt. On Georgetown’s last possession, he got deflected Sims’ potential game-winner. In overtime, he took a key charge. Melo may never be a great professional basketball player. He may never be a great college player. But anyone who cares about Syracuse or Georgetown will remember his contribution to this game, and the Big East’s best rivalry.

Syracuse University lacrosse midfielder Luke Cometti is locked in a race against the clock |
"I had just passed the ball," Cometti said. "I don’t even remember how I got checked. Obviously it was accidental. It was a hard check and the hand went numb. It was bleeding, and I went in and they sewed it up. I went for an X-ray a couple days later and it was shredded. I got a couple screws put in there.

Syracuse University lacrosse team has three midfield lines but maybe only enough time for two |
The first line featured junior JoJo Marasco, senior Bobby Eilers and redshirt freshman Hakeem Lecky, the second junior Steve Ianzito, sophomore Scott Loy and redshirt freshman Henry Schoonmaker and the third juniors Matt Pratt, Ryan Barber and Luke Cometti. Eight of them scored at least one point in the scrimmages.

Rob Long, still kickin' it.

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