What True Student Fans Look Like & Nunes Pre-Game Social

Before my trip down memory lane...

This is THE game. No, not the toughest game of the year, or full of the most hate like Gtown...rather this is the game everyone has been looking forward to since the schedule came out.

Many of us from across the fruited plain will be there.

Felonious Phunk and I are trying something new: We will be at Acropolis on MARSHALL ST when they open at 11am tomorrow. We'll get a solid hour of bad food and good drink in us before forging through the predicted uber-cold temps [the way it should be]. Feel free to join us!


On a larger level, there's a nifty little reunion going on as well. From 2002-04 we were part of a group of fans collectively known as "The Craig Nasties". The name will make sense if you think about it long enough...

Some of us haven't even seen each other since 04-05. We're looking forward to it. We pride ourselves on being the ORIGINAL Front Row...waiting for hours in the freezing cold starting the year the student section finally went general admission (the Championship year, as it was). After us, the torch got passed to guys like Menotti & Bobby, and then slowly Otto's Army grew into what it is today...a group of sadists sleeping on 15 degree concrete for 7 days.

For this trip down memory lane, here's some pictures detailing what a REAL Front Row should look like.

I'm looking so forward to this weekend, hope it's good for all. God, I love the 'Cuse.


This is what Gottlieb means by 'vile'. You should be proud to wear that label:


Bill G. The Usher of Pain. I hope he's still down there, can any current students speak to this?


Our foil, former Director of Dome Operations Mr Campbell.


Before DOC and his 17 cell phones...there was Smokin' Jake.


This is Paul. He still mans Gate E. If you are a member of Otto's Army, you should find this man, shake his hand, and thank him for his service. Without him, we might have torn each other to pieces and been forced back to assigned seats. Also, he once helped me sneak my mother into the front row for a Homecoming football game.


Our chancellor...might I add NONE of us were invited to this pre-game reception...a true crash.


Whereas we stand eye to eye with AG, Jimmy is much shorter and thinner than you'd expect...


In spite of silencing the 'Hey' song, I'm glad they still permit these signs. If a member of the squad offers you the chance to run the signs, don't turn it down. It's a rare, special treat.


Does Tully the Turtle still exist? To think, I was almost 'MascotHatGuy'


To think...I was almost 'BucketHatGuy'...


Our namesake...


Thank you for indulging me. If you see a bunch of people who look 30, but are funneling pitchers at Chucks like they're 22, that's us...

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