Syracuse Daily Links - Top SU Sports Stories Of 2012

Mike Stobe

Take a look back at the top Syracuse sports stories and see what Santa left under SU's Christmas tree.

The SU Sports Stories of 2012

Below are the best five stories from SU for the calendar year about to pass by.

Opinion- Gottlieb's dislike of Syracuse has never been more evident : Sports :

Why take the time to try and contend one isn't great and the others are, when in reality what Boeheim and several other coaches that Gottlieb mentions in his piece have done are all great.

A Christmas wishlist for Syracuse fans | The Juice Online

Now that Christmas is finally here, I present to you Christmas list that Syracuse could deliver for us:

Ryan Nassib to ring NYSE opening bell on Thursday - SB Nation New York

Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib will ring the opening bell for the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday, according to John Antonik of West Virginia University. West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen will also ring the bell, according to Antonik.

Cancer survivor Victor Porter, former SU basketball star Etan Thomas lift each other up |

"An amazing young man named Victor Porter messaged me on Facebook yesterday," Thomas wrote. "It’s amazing because you never know the impact you can have on someone’s life."

Syracuse football teammates overcame hardship and tragedy with the help of several angels |

Brandon Sharpe and Shamarko Thomas have a gift this Christmas morning for all the angels who have stood by their side for the last several years. It is a priceless gift, one purchased with sweat, tears and an iron will to overcome seemingly impossible odds. It is the gift of themselves, former high school teammates whose steely bond of friendship has been forged by hardship, tempered by tragedy but ultimately polished by success as Syracuse University football players and students.

Philly roots run through Rakeem Christmas | City of Basketball Love

"He just needs to be more aggressive," Hopkins said. "The kid is so talented. He is getting better every day. He does a lot of good. He is improving defensively, he has improved his shot. And rebounding. I think the biggest thing for all these big guys is you need to be able to rebound the basketball. You have to get after it. His rebounds per minute have been very good this season. We work on every aspect of his game."

Pro Bowl future in doubt amid questions of game's validity -

1) Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib (vs. West Virginia, New Era Pinstripe Bowl, Saturday, ESPN, 3:15 p.m. ET): As we mentioned, the 2012 quarterback crop isn't lush, a fact that opens the door for dark horses to rise, and Nassib might be the preeminent dark horse coming out. "He's gonna end up being one of those guys," said one NFC exec. "I like his arm, his release, his mechanics, and he's really strong -- he can throw the (expletive) out of the ball. He's ready, too." The exec continued that he needs to work on "his decision-making; he has such a strong arm, he tries to show it off too much, he needs to work on his finesse game, his touch," but said that while he's seen as a third- or fourth-round pick, Nassib could conceivably go in the second round, particularly considering his experience under Marrone, who was Sean Payton's offensive coordinator with the New Orleans Saints in 2006.

Seattle Weekly's College Football Mascot Challenge - Seattle - News - The Daily Weekly - Page 2

The only real opposition Otto could give to a mountaineer is massive doses of Vitamin C (which a mountaineer could probably use some of), leading to a quick demise for the loveable orange. Otto might also want to be careful when dealing with the mountaineer mascot because he's been known recently to use his rifle for more than West Virginia football games.

Dick MacPherson reflects on Syracuse's 11-0-1 season in 1987.


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