Rude Syracuse Fans and When It's OK to Break Tradition

Thanks to the group deal on this board for the Gotham Classic game, I was able to take six students (6th & 7th grade) I teach in the south Bronx to the Garden for their first basketball game. Awesome. Thanks again, guys.

We were literally in the last row in the whole building, but it didn't matter, because we were with a big group and for the most part (despite the result), had a terrific time. I had sat in the 400's before the Garden renovations and have to say, the view has been much improved. We could see the whole court perfectly. As long as no one in front of us was standing.

Everyone knows about the custom at the Dome of standing at the beginning of each half until the first Orange basket is scored. Great. Fine. I support it.

However, the construction of the 400 section of the Garden is such that the luxury boxes above angle down and create a very narrow, angled viewing window especially for people in the last row or two of the section (rows 6 and 7). If someone in front of you stands up, it is impossible to see, even if you stand up, because if you do, all you see is the concrete of the floor above.

We had no problems at the start of the game because our section did not fill up right away. But to start the second half, a young woman, two guys (all three were together) and another woman (very old and not with them, but next to them) stood and formed a complete wall that blocked the view for almost all of my students.

I didn't say anything right away, but after a minute without a basket, I nicely asked if they would sit down because we couldn't see. They declined and replied that it was tradition to stand.

Thanks. I had no idea.

I have never been to the Carrier Dome and the faded Lawrence Moten jersey that I'm wearing is in no way an accurate representation of the fact that I know absolutely nothing about Syracuse basketball tradition, and furthermore the 11-year-olds who are wearing some of my other jerseys that are clearly older than they themselves are don't matter at all anyway because you paid your $25 (probably overpaid on Stubhub, idiot) to sit in the worst seats in the house so you could stand up and show everyone that you are keeping tradition except no one in the world notices except your ugly girlfriend (at least she's a Cuse fan) and the six kids who are pretty much having the time of their lives despite you.

Sorry. Anyway, if you saw the game, you know that the Orange didn't score for almost 4 minutes to start the half.

Thinking that perhaps they didn't realize that I was indicating that the young children who were all at their very first basketball game couldn't see because of the floor above us, I explained this all to them, perhaps with a bit of strain to my voice by this point. Still they refused and still the Orange were scoreless.

Through free throws. Through a timeout. The old lady couldn't even make it so she propped herself up on her folded up seat and the guys sat during the timeout only to stand up again.

Finally an usher walked by and I asked him if he could ask them to sit down. They refused him as well and after arguing finally the two guys just jumped down two rows to an empty spot where they could continue to stand and we could at least see.

The Cuse fan on Cuse fan hate gave me a sense of really bad karma for the rest of the game. And look what happened. And really, it was the type of dogmatic behavior I'd expect from a Hoya, not an Orange.

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