"Whatchu Wearin'?": Just How Does This Fanbase Choose It's Gameday Apparel?

I know the subject is nothing new, but when I read the piece that Sean wrote regarding color coordination in the stands, it got my wheels turning all over again. Just how does this fanbase make it's gameday apparel decisions?

Now I get the fact that not everyone can be as perfect and die hard as we are. Noro commented 1st on Sean's post with the fact that people don't wear orange to an Orange-Out, we certainly couldn't expect them to be responsible to show up with the right color for the section they're sitting in. And he's right. Show me an Orange-Out, and I'll show you at least one person in a green cardigan. As a side note, I was very pleased to see we weren't the only ones. We played at Missouri, on a Senior Day "Black Out". Yellow shirts everywhere. Idiots.

I may go a little overkill. I spend a rather silly amount on Syracuse shirts, jerseys, hats, orange sneakers, etc. I'm the king of my castle, and I'll spend our money the way I want. Actually, it just comes out of the weekly allowance my lovely young wife says I can have. And I'm a brat. I can't stand wearing gear with an old logo. Football or Basketball is getting new jerseys? Dammit, I have to get another one ( except Platinum ). But it amazes me that some people don't even have a fraction of that mindset. I don't care if you're not a fan, or attend regularly, or maybe you're piss-poor. Everyone on the face of this earth has at least one orange, OR blue, OR white shirt. Grey? Platinum?

Why are we dealing with folks wearing Yankees gear? Notre Dame? There is a guy that sits a few rows in front of me at football games that wears his Vikings gear. Vikings hat. Vikings leather jacket. Vikings jersey. To an SU game. Every Saturday. For years. What the hell does he wear on Sundays when they actually play? At the Louisville game, a gentleman nearby had a light blue v-neck sweater over the top of a pink dress shirt. Why spend the time and money to go if you're not going to make the effort to fit in? Did wearing something appropriate even cross your mind? If you did it for the babe you were with, I hope you were rewarded. Know what I mean? If your coming from work, and you're wearing a suit, I may give you a pass, but why not bring a change of clothes? My guess is the guys in suits are the casual fan. If we were at work in a suit, we'd bring a change of clothes.

When I go to a Motley Crue concert, to the disgust of my wife, I wear a Motley shirt. She has always gotten on me about this. Is it not fashionably acceptable? Like no white after Labor Day? It's what we do for sporting events, why not everything else? I wore a white shirt to an Iron Maiden concert this summer due to her bullying, and I was literally the only one there without a Maiden shirt on. The oddest thing about her thinking this way, is when you get there, you spend an unruly amount on a tour shirt and slip it on anyway. And she's okay with that.

A couple years ago, the Jim and Julie Boehiem Foundation was selling $10 white t-shirts to support their fight against cancer. Pushing for a white-out, I bought one, and wore it proudly. Along with about three other people. Now part of that is due to lack of promotion. The football game against Northwestern was labeled as an Orange-Out in ONLY the small pocket schedule. I will admit that even I didn't know. Poor promotion. Fortunately, as usual, I had orange on. But by the look of the crowd, a lot of people didn't know.

Times have clearly changed though. If you watch the Time Capsule games on TWC Sports, every color of the rainbow is represented in the stands. And very little orange.

So enough of this poorly assembled, holier than thou rant. Whatchu wearin'? What do you wear to every game? Do you mix it up? Orange thong? And why do you suppose so many seem to just not give a damn about what they show up in. Let's discuss. And if you see these walking around the Dome, say "HI". It's probably me.

Just one more little nugget. A few games ago, I wore a retro Nike jersey, #8 with Harrison on the back. Just to prove how out of touch some people are, two different people asked me why I was wearing an Auburn jersey. And one of them was Joe Morris signing in the Quad. Unreal.

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