Catching Up With Cuse: Why The Offense Is Ready & You Should All Love Keon Lyn

This man is your new hero. You'll see why. READ - Mark Konezny-US PRESSWIRE

So I've been lax on these lately and it's for a good reason: after Syracuse started running, Coach Marrone moved media opps from Wednesday to Tuesday (superstitious much?) and Tuesdays and Andy don't mix...EXCEPT FOR THIS WEEK. Found a way to catch up with Deon Goggins, Alec Lemon and Justin Pugh and witnessed Keon Lyn's brilliance at work...

After a tremendous win over Louisville, the Syracuse players are already focused on the Missouri Tigers. That didn't stop everyone and their mother from talking to Alec Lemon and asking how it felt to have the shiny imaginary Big East Player of the Week trophy on his mantle.

It feels great to get an honor like that but I can't take all the credit. It goes back to Ryan making all of those great passes, the run game opening it up for the offense, the o-line giving Ryan as much time as he can to find me downfield.

So how is that three year bromance WR chemistry working out for yeah Alec?

It's crazy. We came in together, this is our fourth year together, when we first started out we set the bar at a certain level and then every year as we grew together we raised the bar higher and higher. We're both coming out at the top of our game, performing the way we should be playing every week.

That isn't the only bromance the Syracuse Orange enjoy. According to Justin Pugh, the offensive line is pretty tight as well.

It's like a gelling, we're all coming together and building that cohesive unit. We go ou to eat every Sunday night, every Thursday night all the offensive line and running backs go out to eat and that's the first time since I've been here that we've done that, so I think our group may be closer. We hang off the field more than the other guys and it's just good unit and we're having fun.

The next follow up had to be about this tweet Pugh sent to the world right after the game. Why was he so confident?

Watching game film you see them play against teams like Cincinnati and we felt Cincinnati should have beaten them. The played USF, beat USF by two points. We saw on film that they may have been 9-0, 9th in the country but we think we can hang with any team in this conference and Saturday just goes to show we can. If we just play with that consistent level of Football we're going to be a hard team to beat.

Well the next team up is Missouri. How impressed is Deon Goggins with Missouri? Not very.

It's just another team. They suit up like we do, put on their helmets like we do. They're just from another conference.

I think that sums it about up. OH WAIT. WHY DO YOU LOVE KEON LYN?

Because during all of these interviews, Keon was hiding behind the media members to give the absolutely craziest faces to his teammates. You know, like you used to do in middle school when your best friend was talking to someone important? Siriki Diabte cracked during his interview and Lemon almost did. I tried to take a picture...but he was too fast for me. Good show Keon.

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