The Post-Nassib Era Syracuse Quarterback

As Ryan Nassib's time and tenure runs out at Syracuse, we will wish him well, whether it is in the NFL or in a possibly higher paying position in an investment firm in NYC or Philly. He has broken his fair share of school records, and has been the best quarterback we have had since McNabb, hands down. He's been a journeyman QB that's both risen to the task and failed miserably at times. Frustrating, and exciting. But all that ends in January of 2013. So where do we look to the future? How bright is that spot in August of 2013? Hopefully, as bright as Charley Loeb's smile!



At this point, we know our quarterback will probably be Charley Loeb, he who is Ridiculously Good Looking. Maybe. Possibly. Eh, we cant be sure, now can we? He's definitely put in the time and is our most seasoned QB behind Nassib, but he finally took his first snap at QB in the Rutgers game last week after almost 2 years on the bench, and that was only because Nassib lost his helmet after a sack. To be honest, we don't really know that much about Charlie Loeb, which leads to.....speculation.

Ashton Broyld is my dark horse candidate after Loeb. I'm going to say that up front. I think he may be the only one to give him enough real competition to take the spot away. Class AA State Championship winner, New York State Player of the Year, in all his pants-dropping glory. The coaches are obviously hot on him since he is the only one out of ANY of these guys to play any meaningful minutes this year, and I have a feeling they are going to see if he is their next QB, or if they will keep him as a RB/WR for next year.

We have at two other QBs on the roster, Terrell Hunt and Johnny Kinder, but neither have competed for Nassib's spot, and both are squarely behind Loeb at this point. Kinder is listed as the third string QB, and Kinder and Hunt will be a Senior and Junior (RS sophomore) respectively, next year. Loeb will also be in his senior and final year. I'm of course adding into the mix Ashton Broyld, who was recruited as a quarterback, played quarterback in high school and at Milford Academy, but has been a WR/RB mostly this year for the team, and I think we ran him out of the wildcat position once (until he disappeared) Lets break 'em down.

How do they match up physically?

Loeb and Hunt are your typical sized college quarterbacks, about 6'3-4 and 215lbs, likewise with Ashton Broyld at 6'4 and 222lbs. Kinder is a little light, being listed as 6'3 and 187. I mean, that's beanpole size for someone of that height, and especially someone who is a D1 quarterback. Seems more of a shooting guard size than a QB.

Our two new recruits, Zach Allen from Temple Texas is coming in for the class of 2013, along with Austin Wilson from East Pennsboro, PA. Out of the two, it is fair to say Zach Allen is the more promising recruit. Zach is currently 6'3 and 185lbs...definitely a bit undersized at the moment, but those might be old statistics. Austin Wilson is listed as 6-3, 205lbs.

Both recruits will be pretty raw, and I don't expect a freshman to compete immediately for the QB position unless they are unbelievably stellar. If one has a chance, Id say its Zach, but he has some very stiff competition from Broyld the uber-athlete, and Loeb the veteran who knows the system and who's already gotten the nod as being "game-ready".

How did they rank coming out of high school?

  1. Charley Loeb was a 2 star recruit in 2009, ranked #156 at his position. But as we have seen with Nassib, a 2 star QB can make pretty big strides in college. How good is his accuracy? Read this:
  2. Ashton Broyld was a 3 star coming out of high school, but was bumped up to 4 stars coming out of Milford Academy where he was getting his grades up.
  3. Hunt: Scout/Rivals gave three stars.
  4. Kinder: Scout/Rivals rated him three stars.

Austin Wilson is a 3 star recruit, and Zach Allen is a current 2 star, but it is assumed his stock will rise a good deal after this year.

Whats their style of play?

Loeb always seemed to me to be a 100% pure pocket passer, Hunt, Broyld and Kinder are dual threats, which seems the direction that Marrone and Hackett have been trying to take the team for the last 2 years. I dont blame them. Our best college QBs have been dual-threat. Zach Allen, hes definitely a pocket passer and hasn't gotten much traction a dual threat. Austin Wilson plays for East Pennsboro,a pure spread team, so Wilson might need to make some adjustments to play at the next level.


So right now, we may be somewhat sure, but there is really no clear heir apparent to the throne. I for one always hated when coaches do "QB by committee" and play two guys at once. I think its distracting, and Marrone doesn't seem like the type to do it either.

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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