The Extra Point & A Few Other Points

I don't mind criticism where criticism is due.  But this is absurd.

#1.  Why won't anyone post the video of the side angle where it looks good? 

ESPN would have to explain why it's supposedly accurate video fees could have the impossibility of different showings. 

#2.  The replay official should sue the Big East for defamation (although he never would).  How can you reverse a call where two angles show two different things?  It's not his fault that the refs on the field called it good. The Big East's statement does not explain how TWO REFS called it good on the field.  The two guys with the best angle for making that determination.

#3.  We need to get out of the Big East ASAP.  It is a two-bit conference led by two-bit morons. 

#4.  Hard to believe that nobody has posted the who entire broadcast---from kick to result--on Youtube yet.  Someone should.

#5.  Everyone talks about how Syracuse would have done nothing differently if the XP was no good.  Perhaps... but I bet Toledo would have.  Their goal would have been to get into field goal range... not score a TD.  A TD would be pointless... whereas in the actual game, there was upside to a TD.   They would have called different plays at different times.  They would have used more time because they didn't have to go as far.  They would have wanted a 40 yard FG in the middle of the field with :03 on the clock.  They might have used a draw in the sequence to see if they could catch us off guard and waste more clock earlier on.  It's just a different mindset coaches have when the circumstances are different.  

#6.  In the actual game, Toledo blew its opportunity.  When needing a TD and having the ball at the 9 with 1:00 to go, the playcalling was terrible.  They were moving the ball at will.  Why they didn't just focus on the end zone is beyond me.  Score the TD and render this whole discussion moot.  And then OT?  Why throw THAT route for the first time all game?  And special thanks for playing the other QB in series 3 when we needed some momentum.  That did the trick.

#7.  Hackett needs to do a better job.  How can we have a drive in the 3rd quarter with three straight run plays?  Our offense has to carry this team.  We needed momentum.  Our QB is completing 70% of his passes.  Nothing leads to more running plays like getting a first down. I said we need 30 points to win.  With our defense like it is... we may need even more than that moving forward.

#8.  The defense is wounded.  I am beginning to think that the injuries are impacting tackling.  If Lyon's upper body injury is so bad that he has to come out of the game.  How hard can he hit two plays later when he is back in?  And Anderson with his wrapped up arm.  Spruill?  These guys playing through injuries are as important as those that are not playing at all. 

#9.  Our defense needs to get pressure on the QB somehow.  4 straight games of the QB having all day to throw the ball.   We may be 3-1 with our opponents 1st string QB hitting 75% of their passes.... but it will not last.  If our CB's can't tackle due to injury... maybe some CB blindside blitzes are in order?  And, not only are we not getting pressure on the QB from a sack perspective--we are not even making them nervous. 

#10.  3-1 is better than most of the alternatives.  As will be the case all year... the next game is the most important game of the season.

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