Hey, We Have A Game This Weekend

While we are looking ahead to playing FSU in 2014, many of us are overlooking upset minded Toledo who we play in 2011 - this weekend actually.  Im taking a particular interest because Ill be coming up from CT to watch along with my girlfriend who has never been to an SU game.  This game is critical to her fandom!

HCDM echoed my sentiments on crossing the ACC bridge when we get to it (if he gets to it)

“We have a much larger task in our program right now,” he said, explaining, “I would like to make sure that I’m the coach when we bring this team forward into the ACC.”


Many "experts" picked Toledo to win the MAC.  While they are 3rd in their division right now, they probably have the most impressive 1-2 record in the country.  They lost to #4 Boise St after hanging tough for the first half and were a tipped ball in the end zone away from beating THE Ohio State (which by the way should have to drop the "THE" as part of their NCAA punishment. my 2c).  We we just as close to being 0-3.   And dont think Toledo isnt stinging from the losses.  They felt they beat themselves and will be looking to take their frustration out on SU.

 "The thing that really hurts about both of these losses is that we beat ourselves both times," Thomas said. "It just goes to show us that if we eliminate a lot of those mistakes, how good of an offense we could be." - Running Back Adonis Thomas

Many of you are thinking "we are ACC power Syracuse, why should I fear The Rockets?"  Hmm... 

Well they have Eric Page.  25 receptions, 274 yards and 3 TDs so far this season.  Right now hes 4th in career receptions at the school. He seems to be their best player and will be going against our "nicked up" secondary which couldnt stop the deep ball against USC. Scott Shafer told Gomez and Dave

That Page kid is a great football player, All-American wide receiver, punt returner, kick returner, they do a lot with him. Jail screens, bubble screens, bubble-and-go's all of those things that are attractive to skill kids, and they have two quarterbacks that have done a nice job delivering the football to him and the other players

On the two quarterbacks... they are running what has been deemed "the new wildcat" (and we have all seen us give up yards to that formation)

As the MAC favorite, it boggles me that toggling between the mobile/accurate Austin Dantin and the power-arm of Terrance Owens would keep them in ballgames, but I guess that defenses must prepare for two different quarterbacks. In the Ohio State game, Dantin was the primary QB for most of the game but Tim Beckman decided to use the younger Owens for the final drive, and it really did work.

Mixing up the QB looks will keep our secondary guessing as to weather they need to drop back and protect against the deep ball or come up and contain the mobile QB.  

This scares me.  The secondary is banged up.  Chan Jones is likely still out.  Toledo is a senior laden squad hell bent on upsetting someone after coming up short twice.  And we are likely to be caught looking ahead (to 2014) with all the other drama that has gone on this week.

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