Proposed scheduling and divisional groupings


Proposed ACC divison breakdown and scheduling for Football and Basketball

Alright what a wild weekend. Here's how I see the new ACC panning out hopefully starting next fall if they can figure out how to shorten that now ridiculous 27 month grace period.

There will be two divisions with two subdivison within the divisons for regional and scheduling purposes. I think the math requires this and also, I'm assuming at this stage that UCONN and RUTGERS get into the ACC which we both know is headed to 16. I truly hope the ACC stays away from Texas' greedy butt.

ACC NORTH- Syracuse, Uconn, Rutgers, B.C., Pitt, Maryland, Virginia, Va. Tech.

ACC SOUTH- Duke, UNC, Wake Forest, N.C. State, Clemson, Ga. Tech, Miami, FSU.

These would be the two true divisions but for scheduling purposes there would be a split into two regional grouping for schedule efficiency and it would look like this:


North East grouping- Syracuse, Uconn, Rutgers, B.C.

Mason Dixon grouping- Pitt, Maryland, Virginia, Va. Tech.


North Carolina grouping- Duke, UNC, N.C. State, Wake Forest.

Deep South grouping- Miami, FSU, Clemson, Ga. Tech


with these two divisions and four regional groupings the scheduling would work as such. You would play your grouping each season for rivalry purposes (3 games). then from the other three groups you would play two of the four teams on any given season (6 games). That would fill out the nine conference games. Also, for Syracuse Big East lovers who are worried lets get a taste of reality here for a second. FSU, is probably no matter how you swing it going to play in the dome once every four years. Same with Miami. That's ther reality of 16 team conference where every college team only plays 12 games and up to 9 conference games. In reality, Syracuse fans are going to have typical names on their schedule (Rutgers, Uconn, B.C.), renew some old rivals, Va. tech, but all while getting the pub from playing in a 5 star conference due to schools from the south we're only going to play on occassion. That sounds like win win to me. Also, with this format you will play every other 12 teams at least once in two years. So, we won't go three seasons without getting our shot at Miami. Plus if we win the north, we get our shot in a title game! And that'll happen no matter how you swing the scheduling and divisions. I'm just proposing what idea makes the most sense and provides form. To conclude, the winner from the main two divisions will play in the ACC conference championship (I propose RFK Stadium, home of the Redskins and play up the whole America plus football equals ratings thing the NFL has so sneakily embraced and promoted).


Same divisions and same regional groupings. Obviously, basketball plays more games and it makes sense to bump up from 16 to 18 games which I think the ACC was wanting to do anyways. Now it would play out like this. you play your regional grouping two times (6 games), then play the other 12 teams in the other three groupings once. To again use Syracuse as the testing of this, Cuse would play UCONN twice which we didn't even get in the Big East on a year to year basis. We renew our rivalry with BC by playing them twice, and then get the cupcake regional Rutgers twice. Then by playing everyone else once every other year you get Duke and UNC up into the dome and on the other year we play at their house. Not bad, and if the schedule makers are smart they'll make sure to have one up here while we play the other down there every year. Then for the ACC tourney you do the current ACC seeding based off two 1 seeds, two 2 seeds all the way to down two 8 seeds for the tourney. Everyone would keep their rivalries intact, new potential solid rivalries like Maryland/Pitt could be born and most importantly...Jimmy B. can't run from playing Duke ever again haha. It makes the most sense, and I think will work out real good, hopefully they take my advice.

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