20 More reasons to believe we can beat USC!

Okay, this is the part where I keep drinking the Kool Aid, continue to ignore our record on the west coast and anything negative that has happened regarding SU Football team over the last two weeks.

Sean pointed out that we do amazing things when least expected. So I'll prove him right by pointing out, it generally happens once a season (!!!) Lets go back over the last 20 years of SU football.

1991: #16 Syracuse 24, #25 Ohio State 17: Ok, not exactly an upset. But any win over the Buckeyes is a great win. SUCK ON THAT, HERBIE. (By the way, about that hat. The worlds biggest doucebag called and...wait, that's you)


1992: Ok, I got nothing, Tough to surprise anyone that way when you spend nearly the whole season ranked in the Top 10.

1993: Ditto, except Syracuse started the season ranked #6 and plummeted all year long, OUCH. BRING BACK COACH MAC!

1994: Syracuse 28, #14 Virginia Tech 20: SU was 3-1 and playing at home, but an upset is an upset. Actually I'm starting to believe that part of the reason why the Hokies left for the ACC is that they hated losing to Syracuse.

1995: Syracuse 41, #23 Clemson 0:  Chad Kelly would've been, what, 2 years old then? Obviously he and uncle Jim were not paying attention.



1996: Syracuse 52, #16 Virginia Tech 21: Syracuse is off to a disappointing (yet predicatable) 0-2 start to the season, while the Hokies had an active 13-game winning streak. Not anymore!

1997: #17 Syracuse 34, #24 Wisconsin 0: Maybe we were the better team (I guess?), but all I remember hearing before this game was talk about future Heisman Trophy winner Ron Dayne. He had a thoroughly disappointing game at Giants Stadium that day. It's wouldn't be the last time that would happen.



1998: Syracuse 38, Michigan 28: "They beat us in every phase of the game" - Lloyd Carr. Couldn’t have said it better myself, Lloyd. Tom Brady, Meet Dwight Freeney.



1999: Syracuse 20, Kentucky 13: Syracuse limped to the finish of the 1999 season, going 1-4 in their last 5 games, including a certain game versus another Big East team that resulted in the worst beat down EVER of one ranked team over another ranked team (hint: Syracuse didn't win). Not sure if SU was truly underdogs this game, but the Music City Bowl was played in Kentucky's home state of Tennessee, so there's that. And it's a win over and SEC team, something UConn fans wish they could’ve gotten out of Coach P last week.

2000: Syracuse 24, Pitt 17 OT: Ok, I may be reaching on this one. But Pitt was 4-0 headed into this game and had beaten Penn State for the first time since 1989. SU was a dismal 2-2. Mike Shafer missed, what, like 4 FGs? I think the most shocking thing was the ending. Thank you, David Tyree for saving your team’s ass. Wouldn’t be the last time that’d happen.



2001: Syracuse 22, #4 Virginia Tech 14: Do I even need to remind you what happened the last time Syracuse wen to Lane Stadium? Enjoy the dumdums, Beamer.



2002: Syracuse 50, #7 Virginia Tech 42, 3OT: Ok, I can't possibly bring this game up enough times, right? We were 4-8 that season. We previously lost to TEMPLE. No reason to believe we can win this one, right? WRONG!

2003: Syracuse 38, Notre Dame 12: Okay, so maybe SU and ND were both 5-6 going into this game, but do I even need to remind you how many 4 and 5-star athletes ND has? (hint: probably the same number as USC).



2004: Syracuse 43, #17 BC 17: Ok now it gets good again. Two words: DIAMOND FERRI. We'll be taking our share of the Big East title home with us thank you. Have fun in the ACC, you assholes!



2005: Syracuse 31, Buffalo 0: Ok, maybe we sorta kinda always expect to destroy UB, but do I need to remind anyone that this was our only win that year? Judging by how the rest of the season went, this was a miracle. GRob's defense actually shut someone out for a full game? What? Really?

2006: Syracuse 34, Miami 14: No, not that Miami. But in hindsight, the fact that GRob dominated a MAC team and not the opposite, stands out as a minor miracle.

2007: Syracuse 38, #18 L'ville 35: Do I even need to remind you who our coach was? This win snapped L'villes home winning streak of 20 games.



2008: Syracuse 24, Notre Dame 23: I say again, do I even need to remind you who our coach was, and how many 4 and 5-star athletes ND has? (Hint: probably still the same number as USC).



2009: Syracuse 31, #25 Rutgers 13: and it wasn't even THAT close. Also coming of a thoroughly disappointing loss to L'ville, with the roster demolished by injuries.



2010: Syracuse 19, #20 WVU 14: @Morgantown, coming off a 45-14 obliteration by Pitt at home. Viva La Revolucion!






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