Glass half-full approach to SU Football

 - Syracuse is 2-0.  I don’t care how we got there, that feat deserves recognition, period. Except I'm not done yet. The last time 2-0 happened the current SU players were in grade school.  Our boys could easily be and ugly 1-1 or 0-2 rather than an 'ugly' 2-0. Maybe the team isn't that good or maybe they are. Lets keep the jump to conclusions mat in the closet for a few more weeks.

- The Wake Forest game was ugly for SU for 3 ½ quarters, but maybe the Deacs are not such a shabby team after all. I watched them thoroughly handle NC State Saturday (much the same way they handled us), except this time Tanner Price and his team stayed upright in the 4th quarter to hold on for the win. They have every look of being a bowl team.

- Then there’s Rhode Island. Okay, I’m not going to make excuses for our team, but we’re not the first AQ team to struggle with an FCS opponent. Pitt barely got by those pesky Black Bears. Clemson struggled with Wofford. WVU was trailing Norfolk St. at the half. Oregon St lost to Sac St. last week. And we all remember App St. taking down Michigan in the big house just a few seasons ago, and JMU beating up the Hokies in Blacksburg just last season – they would start the season in an 0-2 tailspin and go on to win the ACC. Anyway, all I’m saying is we’re not the first decent team to struggle in this type of game, and we won’t be the last. Doesn’t mean we have a bad team...yet.

- You can’t tell me this SU team (and the coaches) weren’t looking ahead to next week’s date with USC. I had a hard time buying it this week when HCDM said they weren’t treating Rhode Island differently. After watching Saturday’s game, I’m definitely not buying it. Our team looked thoroughly unprepared for the 4 quarter slugfest that took place. It was written all over their faces and in their body language. They know they're better than this. But I'll go ahead and agree with HCDM that they're still not good enough to hang their head over winning a football game...yet.

- What good does blowout out an FCS team do us anyway? We get to rest our starters and get meaningful playing time for the back-ups en route to what should be an easy win and that’s about it. Instead, our team has battled through adversity two consective weeks straight and emerged victorious both times. That’s something that last years team didn’t do, not to mention the 5 SU teams before them. And plenty of players that don't normally see the light of day saw meanigngful PT vs. Rhode Island on bother sides of the ball. Just ask Michael Acchione.



- Look at what happened to Rutgers, Cincy and UConn Saturday. Do you think having blown out NC Central, Austin Peay and (insert whoever the hell UConn beat up on here) in week 1 helped them prepare for tough AQ matchups in week 2? Nope. I’m sure each one of them would rather be an ‘ugly’ 2-0 over being a lukewarm 1-1.

Looking Ahead to USC

- We can beat USC. As a guy that’s been paying way too much attention to the Trojans for the last two weeks, I can tell you honest to God that they’re having many of the same problems we are with supposedly assloads more talent. It's shocking in a way. They also are lucky to be 2-0. They also have a QB that’s put the offense on his shoulders both games and won. Their running game still has questions, and their passing attack is similar to ours. Their O-line is a mystery. Their defense does just enough.

- Maybe USC they didn’t screw around with an FCS team in either week, but Minnesota and Utah are hardly world beaters and took USC down to the final drive before succumbing. The Trojans are two big plays away from being 0-2, and for some perspective, Minnesota just lost at home to New Mexico St. and Utah didn't exactly run up the score on Montana St. in week 1.

- Syracuse also played better AWAY from the Dome last season. I still don’t buy that the Dome is a disadvantage to our team, but what the hell, maybe it's what our team needs in order to focus this week. If that proves true, I’ll be much more worried about our date with Toledo than USC.

- From what I can tell so far, Syracuse has better coaches across the board. Simply put our coaches do more with less. Kiffin and USC do the opposite. Scott Shafer is no stranger to the Pac-10 (er...12) either. For better or for worse, HCDM's teams generally have played to the level of their competition. I believe the same will hold true this week.

- People like to say "USC is still USC". I’m here to tell you this is a much different program than they were even 3 years ago and their fans know it. That being said if they blow us out, please feel free to print this fanpost and use it for toilet paper. But this Syracuse fan just paid $120 for two tix plus flight to watch his beloved Orange play, and I'll be damn happy to make it to this game no matter what the outcome.

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