the #4,343,218 idea to save the Big East

I love the Big East just like everybody here but if a Big East football school got an invite to join another BCS conference, unfortunately, you would have to go.  I have learned that from following your website in the last year. 

Everything i am proposing here is pretty much the same things that most people have been saying for the last year, with tweaks here and there.

Why not finally make a superconference that makes sense?

Kick out the non-football schools


Kansas St, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, Houston, Texas A&M

You could have 2 Divisions






West Virginia

South Florida




Kansas St



Oklahoma State

Texas A&M



(if A&M and Missouri go to the SEC, pick up Memphis and Texas Tech)

The theory of this conference idea is simple, keep everything REGIONAL.  Nobody wants or needs to see TCU play Syracuse in women's basketball in the middle of February.  Plus it would save a lot of travel time and money. 

For an example, in football, you play everybody in your division and one game in the other division every year.  Have the winner of each division meet in one of those (god-awful money scam) conference championship games.  So if Oklahoma and Syracuse wins their division, let the team with the higher BCS ranking get the championship game at their home field, so you are guaranteed a sell-out for the game. Instant Money Maker. 

In basketball, play everybody in your division, home and home, and play a home and home game against 1 team in the other division every year.  How great would a Kansas/Syracuse, home and home, in the first week of January be, in the same season!  After the first week of conference play, the divisions wouldn't have to play each other again for the rest of the regular season.  Thats 16 conference games per team, per season.  Good enough. 

In the other sports, you could probably schedule the same as I did for football.  You keep costs and travel time down by keeping everything regional. 

In conference tournaments, such as basketball, why not have 2 different regional conference tournaments?  Why not start these tournaments the Saturday of the final weekend of the College Basketball regular season.  Have one tournament in Kansas City and the other in New York.  Have Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday as a 4 day tournament in each division.  The winner of those divisions could play each other on that Thursday (2 days later).  Say if Syracuse and Kansas are the winners of their tournaments, and 'Cuse has a higher RPI, they could play each other at the Carrier Dome.  It would be a cool game.  Plus, it would give the road team more than a week to get ready for the NCAA tournament. 


I think this conference could work for many reasons

  1. The rest of the Big 12 schools want to escape UT/Austin, this would work
  2. These Big 12 teams would get into a BCS conference.
  3. Thanks to Syracuse and UCONN alums at ESPN, these Big 12 teams would get extra exposure being in the Big East
  4. Since the Big East TV contract is up and because NBC wants more sports exposure, there could be a bidding war and the new TV deal could be worth hundred of millions dollars more.
  5. You could have the Houston, Dallas, Tampa, DC, St. Louis, Kansas City, Cincinnati, New York, Boston, and Pittsburgh TV markets.
  6. You could keep the same people in the Big 12 conference to run the other division. 
  7. With the amount of power this conference could have, these realistic scheduling ideas i have could happen. 

I have a bad feeling that eventually the Big 10 or the ACC will invite UCONN, Syraucse, Rutgers, and Pittsburgh to their conference.  South Florida, Louisville, Cincinnati, and West Virginia could be left for dead.  Whats even worse is that Marinatto doesn't seem to want to do anything about it.  It would be nice to not to have to worry about this potential conference realignment every year. 

Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions?  Could this work?

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