Spring Game Photo Recap


Hello fellow Magicians,  I thought I would give you a recap of the photos I took of the game.  Stayed all 4 quarters with the Lil Orange, he had a great time watching the game, eating bad food, and this time cheering for the correct team, since it was all Syracuse.  (He just turned 3, and sometimes still cheers whenever anyone makes a big play.  Oh, to be a child again)

Im sure Dan Lyons and Nolan Widener will have plenty to say about the game, but it was a hell of a lot of fun to watch.  I've got a few comments to make however. 

First off, the format.  Love that its a real game format, in fact - I wish all football games I watched could be this great.  It felt like a return to sport, no media time outs, no bullshit, no ESPN nannies getting in the way of the game.  They did all 4 quarters in just a hair under two hours.  Loved it!  The controlled scrimmages of the last couple of years were difficult to understand since they were really just modified scrimmages set up to allow the defense to score points for some plays like a tackle for loss, a sack or a blocked kick.  It was great to see the players all get a chance on the field.  I mean the Loebs, Kinders, Kobenas and Wests who are great players but are still superseded by others in the depth chart.

Second, the University for treating it like a real game and allowing everyone in free with great West lot parking.  Refreshments, the band, the music, all of it.  They went all out  giving it that game-day atmosphere.


That being said, our defense looks stifling and our offense looks a lot crisper than last year.  I think if we stay healthy we can do as well if not better than last year!! That being said, here's some pics of today's action.

Here is the little guy getting to sit a few rows back of the 50 yard line.  I wish I could afford these!


A fellow fan took this pic of me and Lil Orange.  


Ryan Nassib looks over his domain, pondering his next play.  The position was his to lose, and he stepped up big at todays game.  Had a great passing game, and Antwon looks like he will have another stellar year.


The Lil Orange enjoys some time up in the 300 section at the 50 yard line.  Giving Dad some time to stretch his legs!


This is probably the preferred angle to have when viewing Mikhail Marinovich.  Seeing him charging at you is probably going to end badly!


Our QBs in waiting sign some autographs for the fans.  Both put in some good minutes today.  We got to see Kinders legs (he IS fast) but he is still slow getting the ball out to the WRs and had some accuracy issues.  Miller mainly handed off to a back, and threw a couple incomplete passes.  I didn't get a good look at his throwing motion from where I was sitting.


Did it just get ridiculously good looking around here?  You know it!  After watching him today, you can see why Loeb is still the #2.  He is behind Nassib for sure, but has good accuracy and poise in the pocket that makes him the most mature and seasoned choice at backup.  It's easy to see once you see them all play, thats for sure.


The Lil Orange smells victory in this AstroTurf.


Marcus Sales was very popular during the autograph session.  He had a pretty good day, caught some good passes, dropped a few others but overrall showed why he was the #1. Van Chew was assisting in warm up drills for the WRs but was out injured for this game sadly.  I have to tell you Jarrod West looked great out there during the game.  Great hands and knew his routes.  Wish he was healthy last year!

And that Jeremiah Kobena has some legs on him!  Whooooooosh!


Doug gives his thoughts to the reporters after the game.  I thought it was pretty cool how he stepped back from calling plays in this game and spent his time out on the field with the officials so he could see the play action up close and personal.  Im sure its a rare experience for a coach to get that close to the action during live play.  Im sure he was not displeased with the production he saw from the offense and A-Train and Nassib and the receiving corp, along with the smothering defense most of the game.   Kevyn Scott's pick interception in the first quarter for a touchdown was awesome.  I hope to see him do that all year to opposing offenses.  On the far right you can see Bud Poliquin in the blue vest, thinking about his next milquetoast article subject.


Ryan Nassib eyes me suspiciously.  I sense he could tell I made some less than flattering remarks about him last year. He had a good game.  Looked improved from last year.   Im watching you Nassib!


One of my new favorite pics.   Chandler Jones was great with the kids, signing anything brought to him and hoisting them up on his shoulders for pictures.  Chandler had some great defensive plays that we have come to expect from him!  Glad we will have him around a while longer.


If I was an Immortal, this would be my Prize.  Not everlasting life or infinite strength or power, but a nice pic of the Lil Orange with HCDM and I !  So I guess Im all set :-)  Thanks to the harried mom of 2 who took this for me.


All in all - a great way to spend a spring afternoon in Syracuse.  See all you local Magicians at the tailgate!!

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