Fuming, Re: Tradition Flippancy.

That's it, I'm a little pissed. I'm calling all of your out...even the ones I agree with more often [Kotite] than not [ezcuze].

I'm sick of you so-called 'Big East" lovers tossing CHARTER MEMBERS over as if they were yesterday's trash.

The history of our conference involves Final Four trips by both SH & Prov. Granted, Prov hasn't been to the Sweet 16 since I believe 1997 or 98, but nonetheless....if they weren't being suffocated by the log jam of top-pedigree schools they'd be just fine (and are still competitive to boot!)

I love football, but until all 11 conference champions + 5 at-large form a 16 team all just feels a couple clicks more legit than the WWE or the NBA.

I've said for a while the BE cannot last forever as constituted, but allowing UCF football to dictate our thinking about the strongest and most historical facet of our conference is short-sighted and asinine.

Face it, even when Syracuse, BC, VTech, and Miami were Top 20 teams they still called it the "Big Least."

You take out Georgetown, St Johns, Marquette, Notre Dame, SH, and know what happens?

We go from the #1 Basketball Conference & #6/7 Football Conference to the #3/4 Basketball Conference & STILL the #6/7 Football Conference.

The Big East IS Syracuse/Georgetown.

Any argument that removes that from the equation is impotent.

I'm not speaking in romantics either. There is a connection to money and success. The Big Ten [12] IS Michigan/Ohio St. You think if one jumped to another conference that the rivalry would have the same gravitas? It's a moot point, because the Big Ten NEEDS Michingan/Ohio St for it's identity.

You all think TCU and UCF and Nova are going to make us anything other than the stag poindexter at prom? Hell, no. The pedigree slurpers run college football, and until they don't, nothing we do is going to make us more accepted or make us more money.

Nor is it going to make us care about football to the same level that they do! Down South, it's ONLY football. People actually care about "spring games" & "" and they plan their entire year on it. Up here, football is always going to be on equal plane with Basketball. I'm sorry, but the average Northeast sports fan is a balanced fan who could give two shits about what happens in football before August 31st. Baseball, Golf, Hockey/NBA playoffs, hell, even the Triple Crown commands some attention!

Bring back in Temple?!?!?!? Are you serious?!?!? Does it occur to ANYONE that maybe a big portion of their success is because they play MAC football? If they join, the first thing they'll do is plummet into the basement again. I guess maybe it would be nice to go see Cuse at the Linc, so we can what, stay in Philly all week to see another game at a soccer stadium? Two football teams from the same league in the same city is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Recruiting cannot work that way, and neither team will get a decent piece of the pie. In 5 years you'll be begging to kick both of them out.

This same logic applies to UCF. Tampa and Orlando are too close to co-exist in the same football conference.

Dump DePaul...add Nova football, and that's it. 16 B-Ball, 9 Football. We get equal home-and-aways and still have 3-4 OOC spots to fill.

I hope you guys don't get what you're asking for, because it will mean the entire bastardization of our conference's identity.

I mean it would seem a no-brainer to pork Jennifer Anniston if I had the chance, but that moment of transcendent glory would be quickly replaced the realization that, by cheating on my [already-hot] wife I've completely usurped all my integrity and respect that took years to build.

Oh, except there is no "Jennifer Anniston"-like football program out there for us anyway! UCF is Julia Stiles at best...unique enough at first look to trick you into thinking she's hot.

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