NunesTailGate 2K11 Edition

Its never too early to plan a huge tailgate people.  Since the football schedule has been finalized for 2011, I thought I would take this opportunity to get people onboard with the tailgate this year.  Consider this to be your "Save The Date" card for the marriage of Syracuse Tailgating to Awesomeness, guys and gals.

"But Pinker," I hear you say, "that's almost 7 months away!"  And well, you'd be right.  But damnit, I had such a good time last year I wanted to start recapturing that feeling again this year.   Plus, there's some real benefits of planning ahead. Cheaper plane tickets, and more people can plan to make it on the date.  And maybe, just maybe...we could get our fearless leader to be in town to celebrate with us with enough advance notice.

Expect the Cuse beer pong table.  Expect the rum-cider to keep you deliciously warm.  Expect the Nunes crowd to once again prepare a bevvy of sumptuous tailgatin' treats.  Expect to mix and mingle with people you know only by  esoteric online handle.  And this year, Big Pinker is bringing the famous Liehs & Steigerwald Chicken Wing Brats as an early Christmas gift for all you who can make it.

So, to the 2011 Football schedule.

Looking out at what we've got, I dont think any of the non-conference home games would dictate us banding together to celebrate their destruction at our hands, and USC and Tulane are the OOC away games this year.  These OOC home games would include Wake Forest, Rhode Island, or Toledo.  Meh?  Meh.

Our first home conference game we come to is Rutgers on Saturday October 1st  That's interesting, but lets shelve it for now.  C'mon.  Its Rutgers. A college so ashamed of its heritage it refused to call itself "The State University of New Jersey"

West Virginia at home on Saturday October 22nd  This looks like a solid contender.  We have the Schwartzwalder trophy.  You know they want to put it back in the now-blank spot in their trophy shelf.  They have a new head coach in-waiting calling the shots and you know they are are going to want redemption for that spanking at home last year.  Syracuse will be filled with toothless slack-jawed yokels who somehow learned to drive and piled into a 1986 Dodge Caravan and schlepped up here.  A great group of fans that we can antagonize and heckle, much like they did to me last year for the basketball game I attended.  A tried and true rivalry game.  I think this has the makings of a solid tailgate all over it, and this guy backs me up:





(side note: Dear God, Ben could even make wearing a helmet that resembles a novelty condom look bad-ass.)

USF on Friday November 11th .  No history, no rivalry.  An 8pm game making it difficult to travel to for out-of-towners, and providing minimal tailgate time for all of us office drones.  This seems like its going to be more of a "happy hour game" due to its time.

Cincinnati on Saturday November 26th.  Normally, Id say this would be a great option, but its Thanksgiving weekend, a weekend of travel for a lot of people, and if you're going to watch the game, its either going to be with family up at the Dome or around the good old 42" Vizio at home.  (You've got something better?  Well hellooooo Mr Fancy Pants!)


So NunesMagicians, my money is squarely on the West Virgina game.  A Saturday game with lots of history and a great rivalry, falling sharply into a time frame when the weather is between Hades and Antarctica in upstate NY.  Let me hear back on thoughts and ideas from everyone, and we can all put a big red X on our calendars this year if you want.  Of course, this wont be the last post on this!!!  We will have much more to plan as we get closer to the date.



Confucius say: "It pay to plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark."  So there you go people. Straight from the Confucius's mouth

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