Rooting interests for the rest of the tournament.

Okay.  Now that I'm past the hangover from Sunday (well, I'm not really, I just had to break the ice and try to make a comeback by saying something more than about how effing pissed I am, especially because the only teams left are the ones I hate (but knowing me what else is new?)).  And now we need to figure out what to do short-term for basketball.  I've analyzed the remaining 16 teams and will now post my reasons for rooting for them, or against them, as the situation demands:

East region:

1. Ohio State: No, they're in the Little Eleven.

4. Kentucky: No.

11. Marquette: They ousted my beloved Orange thanks to refs never calling fouls and Rick and Scoop not holding onto the damn ball and looking "Scoopid" all game, but alas, they're the only team left in the Big East I can trust to hold the conference banner (no, I will never root for UConn).

2. North Carolina: Not really. They're not Dook, but, still, they're one of those teams.

West Regional:

1. Duke: No.

5. Arizona: Not really. I still hold a grudge against them for being picked over the Cuse several years ago (not that the Cuse should've been in, but they had a better resume than Zona did). Also, I never really got into college hoops until I got into, well, college, and I went to school around a lot of Illini fans (and they failed to brainwash me) and I had to watch that UI-UA Elite Eight game some years back in its entirety, and I found Arizona cheerleaders to stand out in attractiveness, and now I know that Arizona guys will never let a wimpy, liberal, Jewish nerd from the Northeast with Asperger Syndrome to even be in the same building as their girls.  That, plus they were helped by Jim Burr against Texas and I hate Jim Burr.

3. UConn: No. I will never, ever, ever root for the [s]Huskies[/s] Fightin' Kemba Walkers as long as Calhoun coaches there. Even though I picked them to go to the title game, I'll still happily root against them.

2. San Diego State: Now here's a team I can respect. They beat BYU. That's quite enough for me to like them.

Southwest Region:

1. Kansas: Absolutely yes. As long as KU keeps winning, I can swell with pride that the state of Kansas is officially owned and operated by the Syracuse Orange.

12. Richmond: Yes. One of my favorite teams, I had them going this far. I'd like to see them go even farther.

11. VCU: I truly, truly love you all. Not only did they knock out Purdue (a Little Eleven team), but they even did me the favor of defeating Georgetown! How lovely would it be if you won!

10. Florida State: They're an ACC team not named Dook or North Carolina (and they're not Clemson either), so I don't mind, but then again I'd rather not.

Southeast Regional:

8. The Butt: Sure. I still don't like that they ousted Syracuse last year, but they took Dook to the wire in the title game and would've won had the refs see Kyle Singler grab Gordon Hayward's jersey.

4. Wisconsion: No, they're a Little Eleven team.

3. BYU: No. They're the most pretentious student body in the country, think they're holier than thou, plus I hate Jimmer as much as I hate Kemba Walker. Plus my friend who knows I'm a scrawny liberal Aspie Jew from NYC wants me to bow down to jocky conservative Christians from Utah.

2. Florida: No, because I can't stand Chandler Parsons.

You may or may not have the same reasons I have to root for or against these teams, but I want to know if my rooting interests are righteous or if I should change them.

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