Helping the Post Standard- Scouting Report

Is it just me or has the Post-Standard Scouting Report really fallen off this year. It used to provide readers with nice individual match-up information, but this year's scouting reports really provide no worthwhile information other than basic headline catching material. As I am too excited to do anymore work today, I'll switch my focus to covering for the P-S' scouting report or lack there of...

Starting Match-ups (not too familiar with Florida but from what I can gather):

PG: Scoop Jardine(6'2") v. Kenny Boynton (6'2") - A match-up of two veteran guards who have been here before. Whereas Scoop should be looking to distribute, Boynton will be looking to score. Its imperative that the two guards at the top of the zone (or Scoop/Dion if we go M2M) be able to contain Boynton inside and out because he is shooting nearly 50% from 3-point range.

SG: Brandon Triche (6'4") v. Erving Walker (5'8")- Triche's strength and size should win out here. I like how Brandon has been playing aggressive at time and reserved when the team needs to settle down and get a bucket. Walker isn't nearly as efficient shooting the 3, so we must keep him from getting in the lane a dishing to open shooters.

SF: Kris Joseph (6'7") v. Bradley Beal (6'3")- This could be the match-up of the night. The experience of Joseph versus the youth of Beal. I'm hearing Beal has a more complete game but Kris has been getting to the basket, shooting the ball well and rebounding, that seems pretty complete to me. Expect Joseph to have another stealthy stat sheet tonight, wouldn't be surprised if he went 20 pts. and 10 reb. Will the big lights and noise in the loudest shake the freshman?

PF: Rakeem Christman(6'9")/CJ Fair(6'8") v. Will Yeguete(6'7")- With an undersized Florida team, this seems like a perfect game for Boeheim to use the mismatch that Fair creates. Yeguete is getting the start with Eric Murphy out so this might be a key match-up. If Florida can't match Syracuse's back line, I think we will see a good win for the Orange

C: Fab Melo (7'0") v. Patric Young (6'9")- Based on what I've read, these two did battle in high school and Young got the best of Melo. Given that Melo was even less experienced then, I think we will see a more even match-up. If Fab can get to the basket and force Young to play defense and foul, big man depth for the Gator can get very thin.

Florida Bench: Mike Rosario and Scottie Wilbekin come off the bench for the Gators, both are guards and both will shoot the three, especially Rosario, oh by the way, what do Jonny Flynn's b***s smell like?

Syracuse Bench: Expect to see lots of Dion with the quick, guard-heavy Gators. Lots of CJ tonight as mentioned above. Hopefully there will be an extended James Southerland sightings, because that means he is hitting shots if he is getting extended minutes. My rule of thumb this season is if Southerland hits one of his first two jumpshots the opposing team better watch out, because once he's hot, he is hard to stop. Look for Fab to get about 10 minutes to spell Fab, unless we are pressing and we need Baye to protect the basket with those long arms and fouls to give.

In summation, we have the makings of a really good top 10 match-up. With Syracuse's size, ability to switch defenses (Zone, M2M, Press), and depth it looks like a solid bet, but Florida is just the kind of team that has given the Orange fits in the past. Expect Florida to come out shooting and trying to control the tempo, if they can hit 3s watch out. I will trust in Boeheim and let percentages play out, they can jack 3s over our zone, I think Syracuse's more well rounded game and depth will win out in the end.

Go Orange!

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