A confusing month as an SU fan

Just a few thoughts about the whole Bernie Fine fiasco, or possible a long rambling thought that just helps me.
I am a 34 year old who grew up about 2 hours north east of Syracuse (Croghan, NY) and they have been my number one sports priority since I have cared about sports. I now live in Rochester and love SU basketball more than all other sports interest combined. My wife and I have a fantastic son who I/we are raising to be as Orange as possible, you may recall Robbie performing Christmas Otto last year about this time.
The following are my thoughts in over the timeline since the allegations at Penn State were made public.

1. Penn State Story Breaks
a. Could not believe how poorly PSU handled the situation.
b. Although regrettable, I was not up in arms over presumably drunken college students doing and saying stupid things as a way to act out.
c. Actually shouted people down at work who tried to defend/drum up sympathy for Paterno.

2. Bernie Fine Story Breaks
a. I am at hunting camp and can only follow via my phone with no 3G/4G coverage.
b. As I read more I hope that this is false. Seems SU did right in 2005 and this doesn't ring true.

3. Jim Calls Davis and Lang Liars
a. Great there is now way Jimmy would go on record this strongly if it were possible this was true.
b. My wife and I discuss how we have raised our 4 ½ year old to love all things Orange like me and what this could mean.
c. I am conflicted on the chance that SU/Jim covered anything up. I state that if this did happen that everyone would need to go.

4. Accuser 3 and The Davis/Laurie Fine Tape
a. Oh no, this just got awful.
b. Tomaselli seems to be a whack job, but I don't know what to believe.
c. The tape is damning, but WTF. Laurie slept with Davis as while Davis and Bernie were doing whatever they did.
d. Although there seems to be a lot of potential holes in the accusations, I am starting to believe that Fine did something ranging from inappropriate to unspeakably awful to at least Davis.
e. I agree with SU's firing of Fine and think that they are handling this as well as could be hoped.

5. First Boeheim ‘Apology'
a. Thought it was appropriate insofar as he seemed as shocked as the rest of us that this was true.

6. Boeheim's Apology After the Florida Game
a. Feel this will end the calling for Jimmy's head, which is great.
b. Becoming more and more convinced that Fine abused Davis.
c. Hoping that things will start to return to normal.

7. Tomaselli's Media Tour
a. How is this happening, why is his lawyer letting him do this?
b. Seems that much of the media is avoiding the issues with his story.
c. I wonder if he is some kind of sociopath. He appears to be on a publicity tour while facing Child Molestation charges himself.
d. Found it very odd that the Army investigated the abuse claims against his father and found no merit, but that seemed to be mostly buried or ignored in the reporting on this.

8. Fitzpatrick's Press Conference
a. Still think Fine abused Davis.
b. Tomaselli looks less credible if that is possible.

9. Davis and Lang Sue Boeheim and SU
a. For F**KING real????????

So, where does this leave me? I don't know. My opinion was that Fine abused Davis and all of this is about Davis trying to get some satisfaction/justice. Working on the assumptions that anyone has ever told anything resembling the truth in this manner, here was my theory.

1. Davis abused by Fine.
2. Davis goes to SPD, ESPN, PS and SU and gets nowhere.
3. After Penn State, Davis contacts Lang who feels guilty and backs his brother's story.
4. Davis feeds Tomeselli information to bring another allegation against Fine.
5. Davis will do anything to get his version of justice from Fine.

Now, I am really lost. Just once I would like anything to happen in this case that clears up the situation, not make it more convoluted. I know we will never have all the facts in this case. I know we are not entitled to having this resolved to our satisfaction. However I just want to have an opinion that makes sense for more than 48 hours

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