SU vs UConn Thoughts

This was going to be a comment on Sean's front page post, but it got a little long winded. Went to the game and have a lot to say.

Alec had a great game, save for the one HUGE drop that killed the drive.  That one really hurt.

Our Oline got dominated.  Im convinced Macky is not the right guy if we want to keep running up the middle.  If youre going to run to the outside and need a pulling Center or doing a zone blocking scheme in a spread he is fine, but we need to play guys who fit what we are trying to do. 

Add that to AB being more of shifty outside runner who is more suited to catching passes out of the back field - and yeah we are trending towards an O that is not a good fit for our players.

Our ST play was just BAD.  Bad punts.  The missed FG.  Awful tackling.  That really hurt us because they didnt need more yards total O, they had such good field position. 

Its on us for not capitalizing on their TOs. 

I dont get why we play zone on D.  I understand the intent is to help our DBs who cant cover, but let them try (like they did against Rutgers) because our zone gives up wide open 15 yard completions every time.

Ryan has a confidence problem.  I am convinced he is so terrified of throwing a pick that he is afraid to take a risk with the ball.  Ive been trying to say nice thing and boost his ego in hopes he reads this blog.  I commented to my buddy that Ryan needs a little [Aaron Rodgers championship belt gesture]. To get that, he needs is a match up problem.  A Sanu or a Mike Williams.  Someone who can get a jump ball if he floats it up to them.  These little 6'0 WRs who are smaller than the DBs they are against force Ryan to throw darts and fit the ball into tight windows.  Remember the USC game where Barkley just threw floaters and let his guy go up and get it?  It makes a QBs life so easy. Whats southerland doing?  If hes not in the rotation for hoops lets just line him up on the football team. 

This years team was predicted as a 6 win team.  I can see why.  The loss of DC3 was huge and we have no Collier to replace him.  The LBs are actually pretty good and very young.  Cater would have helped though.  I never would have thought our DBs would have been as bad as they are especially with all the hype about their athletic ability.  That is the one position we cant afford sloppy play from because our system is predicated on putting them on an island.

We cant give up an early score.

I dont think UConn is a better team.  My cousin was in the student section and felt lucky they stole that one.  That we outplayed them.  I tend to agree. And they did have a high energy home field and three extra days to prepare.  If we played UConn 10 times, I feel we would win 7 of them. 

UConn has much better tailgating than us (and Rutgers, the only other place Ive seen SU play) even for a noon kick.  I know their guido DJ is corny, but he really got the crowd going.  They also played more modern music and more of it.  My sister and my buddys girl had a blast, just dancing the whole time.  They also serve better beers and larger portions (20oz)

On our coaching, yes HCDM has his guys, but they are very green and many of them were not his first choices recruiting wise.  The class thats coming in Aug is really the first of his hand picked guys as opposed to the mining for talent guys.  This system is frustrating, but look at the guys they are bringing in.  Think of when Kinder (or equivalent) is running it and AAM is in the back field with some serious height/speed combos on the outside and a couple big pass catching TEs.  Its going to stretch the field vertically the open the run, pound the inside and QB option to the edge.  Im ok with running this system now. We saw how it works when its clicking in the PS Bowl.  And these guys need consistency, not 4 different offenses in 4 years. Give Nate and HCDM a chance, they started with jack and sh*t.  We are ahead of schedule and the program has a direction.  Thats more than we could say about the last guy. 

[end rant]

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