Bernie Fine Links - Legal Analysis, Fine Firing Timeline & More

Orange::44: On Bernie Fine So Far
The good news is that Syracuse University could not have handled anything from this latest investigation better. From the initial statement from the Chancellor, to this latest statement about the firing of Bernie Fine, they have been excellent in their smartly crafted statements, saying the right things, and hitting the right tones. Something Penn State never did.

How Syracuse University Chancellor Nancy Cantor decided to fire associate head coach Bernie Fine |
Just after 6 p.m. Sunday, Syracuse University Chancellor Nancy Cantor decided she had heard enough.

DPS chief says officer presence was not raised after firing of Fine - News - The Daily Orange
"We had no increased patrol activity," DPS Chief Tony Callisto said. "The regular schedule continues. We really don't anticipate any problems as a result of the firing, so no, there's not really any special activity going on."

Bernie Fine accuser Bobby Davis 'stunned' at accusations he edited audio tape |
In an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN Monday night, ESPN's Mark Schwarz said Davis "was stunned" at the accusations he edited the tape. Schwarz said the former Syracuse ball boy told him he wouldn't even know how to do that.

Syracuse Orange Basketball - A Possible Fourth Victim?
"A half hour after we had our demonstration last Monday in Syracuse, I had a call from another victim. So there are four victims. This person is not able to come forward yet. And that’s one of the reasons why we do this. We go before the cameras and before the media and say "don’t be intimidated by a Jim Boeheim who’s calling you a liar." I think he will come forward, but remember, the initial phone call takes the burden off the victim, but when you talk to them about actually reporting it to other people they’re afraid."

Bernie Fine Fired–Jim Boeheim Likely Safe | ATLANTIC COAST CONFIDENTIAL
The best news is that Boeheim is now in a position to advocate from a position of strength for all of us to be a bit more careful when assuming that allegations are false. Although we can think of motives to lie and reasons to disbelieve, Boeheim can go on the speaking circuit and advocate that we all be a little more sensitive.

Editorial | Cantor makes right decision to fire Bernie Fine - Opinion - The Daily Orange
Despite the firing, the SU community must remember these are only allegations and nothing has been proven in a court of law. Though these accusations are horrendous, the SU community must restrain condemnation until official legal action is taken against Fine.

Syracuse recruit Jerami Grant's father says his son remains committed to Orange |
Grant’s father, Harvey, said the firing of Fine would have no impact on his son’s decision to attend Syracuse. "Not at all,’’ Harvey Grant said Monday morning. "He’s fully 110 percent committed to Syracuse.’’

U.S. Attorney's Office and Secret Service take lead in Bernie Fine probe, Onondaga County District Attorney says |
"I've been in close contact with the U.S. Attorney," Fitzpatrick said. "All of last week, we discussed the case. The lead agency in investigating is the Secret Service under the direction of the U.S. Attorney's Office, assisted by the Syracuse Police Department."

ESPN’s Pathetic Slow Play of the Laurie Fine Tape & Why Doc Gross is Silent : Orange Fizz
Is Dr. Gross so silent because he led the ’05 internal investigation?

As some people call for Jim Boeheim to be fired, SU fans say their coach isn't being treated fairly.

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