Reasons why Davis would make this all up...

I'm trying to understand why Davis would make this all up. Here's my thought process:

1. We know that in 2002/3 Davis went to the Syracuse Police, the Post Standard, and ESPN (in that order) with allegations that Fine sexually molested him. The Police told him that it was past the statue of limitations and they couldn't do anything. The Post Standard investigated, couldn't find anyone to corroborate his story and felt it didn't meet their standard of reporting it. The Post-Standard makes absolutely no mention of Davis asking for money for his story. ESPN performed a similar investigation with the same results. During all this, Davis learned that this was not only past the statue of limitations for a criminal trial, but also past the statue of limitations for a civil trial. Since he went to the police first, then went to the Post Standard and didn't ask for money, it seems safe to assume that he wasn't after money in 2002/3.

2. In 2005 he brought his story to Syracuse University. They hired a law firm and did their own investigation. Again, no corroboration, nothing happened.

3. In 2011, in the wake of the PSU scandal, Davis tells his story again, this time with corroboration of his step-brother (Lang) and ESPN runs the story.

So if Davis is lying, what is his end-game?

A. The money theories: This doesn't make sense to me. He went to the police first. He didn't ask for money from the Post Standard. He could've threatened Bernie and extorted him, but if he did that, I'm pretty sure that's what Bernie would've led with in his defense. And then once he goes forward with the story, there's no money to be made. No "shut up and go away money" because the story is out there already. Some people have pointed out that he may get paid for interviews now, or write book, or sell movie rights, etc. But if he didn't want money initially and let's be honest, there aren't going to be any book deals or movie deals and it's hard to fathom why he would give this story to the Post Standard for free in 2003 and then want money from ESPN now. So none of the money-grabbing theories seem to make any logical sense to me. Throw them out.

B. The attention whore theory: The narrative goes something like this guy will do anything to get his 15 minutes of fame, including fabricating a molestation story about Bernie Fine. This one doesn't pass the smell test. Why would he subject himself to this amount of embarrassment and scrutiny if he was lying? Unless...

C. The crazy man theory: Some have suggested Davis is just a crazy man and trying to understand his behavior and actions through ration and reason is pointless, because he's inherently irrational. It's scary if this is the best explanation for him to lie, but jury's still out on this one. I don't think we know enough to rule this out, nor do we know enough to believe this.

D. The retribution theory: We've heard about the $5K loan Bernie gave him, with Bernie allegedly grabbing him by the neck. I don't buy that as a reason for Davis to keep trying to put this story out there over and over again, doesn't pass the smell test unless it's in conjunction with theory C. But perhaps there are any number of things that have happened between Fine and Davis that we're not privy to. Perhaps there are aspects of their relationship that we have no idea about, things that happened between them that have made Davis angry enough at Fine to try and ruin him. Again jury's still out on this one, but in order for this to make sense, it needs to be in combination with theory C or we need to learn something else about their relationship. I have my own personal theory, but it's so speculative and crazy, I'll keep it to myself.

I'm curious if people agree with my logic or have other ideas. I only have one other theory, but it's the most disturbing one of all...

E. Davis is telling the truth: Since the money angle doesn't make sense and the attention whore theory doesn't pass the smell test and the crazy man theory and retribution theory are far from certain, perhaps Davis is telling the truth or some version of the truth. Perhaps he was molested and he genuinely is afraid Fine is doing it to someone else and he wants to stop that. To me, with what I know right now, it's the most logical explanation of why he keeps pushing his story. And I know, pedophiles tend not to have one (or two) victims, but who knows, maybe Davis (and Lang) were the only ones and that's why no one else will corroborate it. (Or as some have speculated, Davis was molested, no one would believe him, so he convinced Lang to back him up.)

I'm not saying that I believe E to be the case. I'm still very much in the "we all need to wait and see" camp. I'm not sure that we'll ever know one way or another, but I'm certainly reserving judgment until this is investigated further. Perhaps some details will come out that will show theory C or D to be true. Perhaps more victims will emerge. We don't know. But as I think about this case, trying to understand why Davis keeps pushing this story has me troubled.

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